With homeowners becoming design conscious nowadays, it is crucial for the kitchen design to be exciting as well as functional. Ensure the kitchen is well lit, and space has high-tech tools and easy to reach shelves, experts suggest.Also Read - Pregnant Neha Dhupia Does Natarajasna Like a Pro, Sets Major Fitness Goals

Ashish Bahal, Head of Interior Lighting Design, Philips Lighting India, and Rakesh Kaul, President and Chief, Consumer Business, HSIL Limited, give a lowdown on the trends for kitchens: Also Read - 5 Common Habits That Can be as Dangerous as Smoking

♦ High Tech tools: Technology is becoming a dominant part of the kitchen now. From the blender and microwaves to auto clean chimneys, people are relying on gadgets to help make the kitchen a space cleaner, practical and maximise cooking efficiency. Also Read - Masaba Gupta's Tips to Battle PCOD: Non-Negotiable Yoga, Walk And Ghar Ka Khana on Weekdays

♦ Statement kitchen shelves: Open shelving is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners as it provides the perfect space to decorate with succulents and accessories. However, consumers who wish to minimise the problem of dust can opt for closed shelves with decorative handles, dark colours and patterns to create a rich and luxurious atmosphere.

♦ Multipurpose kitchen islands: Kitchen islands are no longer an afterthought but have emerged as the ‘jack of all trades’. They are meant to create an impact while attending to multiple uses by the homeowners. Storage is an important element of a well-designed kitchen and kitchen islands are working even harder for us now with better utilisation of space to stow away built-in appliances like the microwave and an oven to help the space look clutter-free.

♦ Light it up: Kitchen is a multi-activity space and hence needs multiple layers of light to suit both the functional purpose and the design elements. Task lighting and ambient lighting are imperative to aid the functional use, while accent lighting and decorative lighting help enhance the aesthetics of the space. A kitchen also needs adequate horizontal and vertical illumination for efficient usage, and to enable both owners and guests to have an experiential culinary experience with decorative hues.

♦ Two-tones are better than one: The two-toned theme gives depth to the kitchen making it look bespoke. It is always advisable to use darker colours at the bottom and lighter shades going up. This makes the kitchen look bigger as the lighter shades on the upper cabinets draw the eyes aloft. The two colours or materials that you choose can either be bold and vibrant or subtle depending on your personal style.