The attraction is the most important and key aspect of every relationship. When you are attracted to someone, you want to do anything for your significant other, express your love for them and make them feel important. From their sensual energy, appearance, to their witty sense of humour, there are tons of possibility that you are attracted to your partner. But did you know that zodiac sign plays a very important role? These are astrological traits of your zodiac sign that can make you even more attractive and irresistible to your partner. Read on! Also Read - Horoscope, January 23: Relaxed Day For Leos, Scorpions Should Stay Away From 'Wheels'

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As per Cosmopolitan, Aries loves to be noticed. Aries have a warm personality and they love supporting other people. Aries are basically, people’s person. This zodiac sign is sexy and loves attention. Aries, fire personality can light up any room. Also Read - Horoscope Today, January 21: Virgos Should go on a Long Drive, Pisces Should Take a Break


Taurus have an easy personality because of which they never make anyone in the room feel uncomfortable with their presence. People are relaxed and comfortable around Taurus. This zodiac sign have a finer taste when it comes to luxury, beauty and love. For them looking good, feeling good and smelling good matters. Taurus is not pretentious, as per the portal.


Gemini’s epic sense of humour, their fun side and quick wit are one of the most attractive traits. When you are around a Gemini, there is never a dull moment. They are flirty, party-starters and know the right words. Gemini has a youthful appearance, good taste in clothes. They are a charming and beautiful sun sign.


Cancerians are caring people, they have an understanding of human nature and they know how to make them better when they are at their lowest. People trust them and they lean on when need be. Cancer has beautiful eyes, your deep conversations can melt anyone. This zodiac sign is sexy and passionate, as per the leading portal.


Leo knows how to pull people towards them, they like attention and the spotlight. Leo’s are funny, adventurous, protective and kind. Leo has great hair, you can spot a Leo from a distance. They have a sex appeal which cannot be ignored.


Virgo’s have a calm persona, they listen to people. They are smart and gracious. Virgo has an air of serenity and elegance. They are well-groomed, neat and sophisticated. Cosmopolitan further describe the traits as that the zodiac sign is a modest fashionista.


Libra’s are clever, diplomatic and a people pleaser. They make people feel special, love beautiful things and rich culture. Libra’s smile is a show stealer and they are sensual and romantic.


Scorpio is the most powerful, strong and resilient zodiac sign. They are intense and have a mystery about which is the most attractive trait. Scorpio’s personality is fierce and their sexuality is unmissable and people are fascinated with you.


This zodiac sign is a daredevil. Sagittarius push themselves to greater limits and love challenges. They have a warm personality and love flirting. You are muscular, strong and athletic. Their sense of humour, approachable demeanor makes them the most in-demand signs.


They are wise, shrewd and capable. Capricorn has a wicked and dark sense of humour. The portal describes them as youthful, fresh-faced and naturally striking. They come across as serious, intense and sometimes mysterious.


They have considerate, giving personality. They are friendly, assertive and outgoing. Their dreamy eyes steal the show. Aquarius are edgy, modern people and people are curious to find out what are they are going to do next, said the portal.


Pisces are kind, fun and imaginative. Pisceans have beautiful eyes more often than not, sometimes a little bulbous, and usually big and sparkling with different hues and shades.