Winter can be tough for everyone but especially for new moms and newborns. Babies are incapable of regulating their core temperature and adjusting to the cold weather. They lose heat extremely fast. In this scenario, it becomes utmost important for the mother to take the required measures to protect her baby from the side-effects of winter. If you are a new mom,  this is what you need to do with your little bundle of joy to keep her safe and away from infections. Also Read - Kota Infant Death: Centre Forms High-level Team as Death Toll of Newborns Rise to 102, Sonia Gandhi Seeks Details

Keep the indoor temperature right

According to paediatricians, too much heat is as bad as excessive cold for babies. The ideal indoor temperature is considered to be between 68°F and 72°F. To keep your baby protected, you can use a humidifier during cold weather to keep the cold water vapour away from your little one. Also Read - 15 newborns die in Assam hospital in 6 days, probe ordered

Keep your baby fully covered

You can dress your baby in three layers to keep her warm. Firstly, you can dress her up in a cotton bodysuit and leggings. The other level may have a warm shirt and pants. And, at last, you can cover her with a jacket, mittens, cap, and socks. Also Read - Rush to name newborns after cyclone 'Titli' in Odisha

Keep your baby’s skin moisturized

During winters, water can dry out the skin. So, you can bath your baby every alternate day. But, do take care of the timing. Washing her for too long may not be good. Make sure the water is a bit warm. If you have water thermometer, you can measure the heat and keep it up to 38 degrees C. And, post the wash, you must apply a good moisturizer on her body.

Use a warm blanket to swaddle your baby

To keep your angel warm at night, do not forget to swaddle her with a warm and soft blanket. You can also put her close to you to provide the body warmth. But, you must stop swaddling her after she is more than 2 months old as she may feel difficulty in breathing. By this age, babies start rolling and may end up getting stuck in the blanket.