Who doesn’t love wearing comfortable shorts and flowy skirts and dresses in summers? This is the perfect season to pack away those jeans and trousers and wear anything that gives you respite from the sweat and heat. But for many of us who are well endowed in the lower part of our body, wearing these kind of clothes in summer can lead to a major skin problem: chaffing. Chaffing is a result of our inner thighs continuously rubbing against each other while walking or running. The resulting friction can cause redness, swelling and painful blisters. If not taken care of, this can further lead to boils or rash. There are certain steps you need to take that will ensure that you mitigate the painful effects of chaffing:

Toning up your thighs: This is probably a slightly difficult but, nevertheless an effective way to get rid of chaffing. Doing exercises that tone up your thighs can go a long way in getting rid of the excess fat in your thighs. Losing weight there will ensure that there is less or no friction. Aim at doing exercises that target your inner thighs like thigh press or deep squats.

Dust your inner thighs with talcum powder: Do this after you have taken your bath in the morning and before you wear your clothes. Even a thin layer of the powder will prevent excess sweating. Use an anti-fungal powder if possible.

Buy anti-chaffing thigh bands: These are available in many innerwear stores. These are bands that you can wear around your thighs which prevent your thighs from rubbing against each other.

Use vaseline or a fragrance-free moisturiser: Apply a layer of vaseline between your thighs. This will prevent and take care of skin blisters and help the inflammed skin heal quickly.

Skip cotton and wear clothes that are moisture-wicking: This is especially useful when you are working out. Cotton is summer-friendly but it can also absorb the sweat and worsen the chaffing. Instead, opt for moisture-wicking, materials that keep the sweat away and your thighs dry.