Do you need a little motivation to get out of your blanket and start exercising? Guess what, we have listed down the top 10 fitness girls on Instagram for you. From diet to exercises to motivational quotes to workout outfits, these Instagram gals have it all covered. All you have to do is follow these fitness trainers and hop, skip jump closer to your fitness goals. So, checkout the following list of instagrammars for the much-needed dose of inspiration to get started.

1. Bani J


Bani (banij) needs no introduction. The MTV host and ex-roadie, Bani is one rock chic you must follow on Instagram. Her workout videos and photos of her meal will motivate you to live a healthy life. This iron lady will make you hit the gym right now. Recently, Bani spoke about how people comment about someone else’s body, appearance and weight.  She got angry when people labeled her ‘manly’. She works out and proudly flaunts her body.

2. Yashmeen Manak


A certified Personal Trainer from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Yashmeen Manak (yashmeenmanak) is someone you should follow if you think girls workout to just lose weight. She was not born with this type of healthy body but worked hard to achieve it. She broke the stereotype to be a body builder. Check out her photos to get inspired.

3. Sonali Swami


Winner of Muscle Mania and Fit Factor, Sonali Swami (sonali_swami) is healthy and fit and a mom of two. Her Instagram account is filled with motivational posts.

4. Harj Hadani


Another mom in the list, Harj Hadani (skinnyroti) is an IFBB/NPC/CBBF Certified Sports Nutritionist, a fitness trainer and an accountant. Her photos of working out will give you fitness goals. Her Instagram account also has photos of her healthy meal.

5. Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Nidhi Mohan

Nidhi (nidhimohankamal) is a fitness and weight loss expert. She is also an expert in Indian nutrition and health. If Nidhi can build a body like this without crash dieting, you should pay full attention to what she is saying. Her recipes are tailored for Indian women and do not compromise on nutrition or taste. The workout videos posted in her account, you should watch to get inspired.

6. Ankita Singh


Ankita Singh (ankita_extreme) is a software engineer, a bikini model and a fitness trainer. She is a member of Indian Body Building Federation (IBBF) and was the Indian representative at the World Bodybuilding and Physique Federation. Her photos on Instagram will make you hit the gym.

7. Shweta Mehta

Shweta Mehta

Shweta Mehta (theshwetamehta) is the Jerai 2016 winner and also a senior software developer. This beauty with brains is a fitness enthusiast and her Instagram is all you need to get inspired.

8. Shweta Rathod

Shweta rathod

Founder of Fitness Forever Pvt. Ltd, Shweta Rathod (shwetarathore13) is Miss world 2014 fitness physique and Miss India Sports Physique 2015. She also owns another company called SR Production. Shweta’s photos will make you ditch that pizza for a healthy diet.

9. Nikita George

Nikita George

This sweet faced girl has worked hard to achieve the lean, toned look and her Instagram account shows her awesome fitness journey. Nikita’s workout photos and video are amazing and will motivate to be fit and healthy. (Nikita George: niki_grge)

10. Navreet Josan

Navreet Josan

Navreet Josan (lilrocket) is a resident trainer and a makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics! You cannot ask for a better combination. Also known as lilrocket, Navreet shows you what you can achieve by dedicated training and healthy eating. Along with her workout videos, she gives out makeup tips.