They say marriages are made in heaven. But has anyone ever told you that the first year of marriage is far from being heavenly.  It is that time of the year when you both have just started living together and hence there will be a lot of differences cropping up that also didn’t seem to exist previously.  It doesn’t matter how madly in love you guys were before marriage. It doesn’t matter if you had a perfect, dreamy relationship because even after all that, the first year of marriage is when you will guys will have the maximum number of fights. But there is also a very beautiful part about all this and that is you get to learn a lot from your first year of marriage. From fights, quarrels, crazy and funny stuff, there is a lot that you both will share. Curious, already? Here is our list of eight things that you will get to learn in your first year of marriage.Also Read - Indonesian Man Marries His Rice Cooker, Says 'It Doesn't Talk Much & Great at Cooking' | See Pics

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1. You will have to get used to being called someone’s wife

In the first year of marriage, be called as somebody’s wife or calling your guys as your husband is sure a little awkward. But this is something that you need to get used to. Post wedding, in the initial years, when you are signing papers or any kind of forms, avoid ticking the single column. Also Read - Viral Video: Bride & Groom Touch Each's Other Feet After Getting Married, Set Couple Goals | Watch

2. You will learn to save a lot more

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One of the main reasons of conflict among a newly wedded coupe is finances. The first year sees a lot of expenditure because of all the moving out, honeymoon trips, gifts and lot more.  It can get tad stressful. But the easiest solution to this is saving up. You will automatically learn to save a lot more. If you were somebody who spends a lot on silly and unwanted things, then marriage will definitely teach you to save which is a good thing.

3. You will start valuing your parents more than ever

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After marriage, you might have troubles adjusting to your in-laws and their way of loving. This is when you will realize that your parents are the best. All these years when you were fighting with them for silly and illogical, you now realize that there can be people who are sillier. This is probably one of the biggest lessons you will learn.  This doesn’t hold true for women who have been lucky to get better in-laws.

4. You will learn to adjust with your new partner

After a year of being adamant and stubborn about your needs and wants, you will understand and learn that it is okay to give up on something for your partner. You will be more adjusting and accommodating. You will start to accept your partner’s likes and dislikes like they are your own and you will see yourself compromising and giving up on things that you initially would have died for.

5. You might keep a tab on how much work each of you do

If you have already developed this habit, it is time that you stop this habit.  You will feel like you are the only one doing all the work and your partner might also feel the same.  So instead of being competitive and keeping a tab on who does what, just sort this out. Once resentment sets in, it will be pretty hard to overcome that. So in the first year, since this is a very commonly seen habit, get over it. Divide your work and just do it the way you are supposed to and let him do his thing. A constant tab will ruin your mental peace.

6. That you are freaking married and bind to somebody now

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This is one of the biggest things that you learn in the first year of your married life.  It will take some time for you to finally accept that you are married and you have to share your bed with a man forever.   It can be a both warm or a freaked out feeling.

7. You will learn that communication is the key to happiness

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You might have given your husband the silent treatment when you guys were courting.  However, you do know now that you can no longer behave in the same manner. If there is anything that bothers you, there is no way out but to communicate. If you hate the socks he is wearing, don’t like him throwing wet towels on the bed or anything else for that matter. You can bring a solution to these woes only when you communicate.

8. You will learn to appreciate emotional intimacy

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There are all sorts of intimacy that exists. Before marriage, it is always the physical intimacy that is given more importance. But post marriage you will learn that emotional and mental intimacy is what maters the most. Since both of you will share your finances, stress, struggles, it is very important to be connected emotionally. Thus this is when you start appreciating a different yet good kind of intimacy.

9. You will have to factor in your partner’s dreams and hopes too

All this while you were more focused on your dreams and means to get them fulfilled. But now you need to take care of your partner’s needs and dreams as well. Support his dreams and try your best to make sure even gets closer to his dreams, whatever they may be.

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10. You will realise that love is all you need to overcome any challenge

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Trust us when we say, that there is a lot that you will learn in the initial years of your married life. But let us also tell you that amidst all these lessons, what never changes is the love. So if you know there is love, we are sure you will come out of each obstacle positively holding your partner’s hands.

People around you might tell you that the first year is the hardest. But do not give up because even times are tough, love helps you to keep going.