Colouring your hair seems to be a common thing these days. Some like to get rid of their natural hair colour while others prefer to flaunt that. Colouring the hair changes your overall look. It can make you feel like a different person. Many dye their hair to cover their pesky greys and in return gets a look that gives them confidence. There are various myths surrounding hair colouring that may scare people from opting for it. These myths can make you skeptical about colouring your hair and may feed your brain with false side-effects of dying your tresses. Therefore, here we bust the top 5 myths associated with hair colouring for you.Also Read - Hair Care: Try These 6 Haircare Regime for Winters

Myth 1: Colouring your hair once means you have to keep colouring it.

Fact: This is not true at all. Recolouring your hair is entirely your choice. Colouring your hair does not mean that you can never have its natural colour back. Also Read - Tired of Hairfall Post COVID-19 Recovery? Try Malaika Arora’s Haircare Remedy to Curb Hair Loss

Myth 2: Colouring your hair will make it go grey sooner.

Fact: Grey hair is entirely genetic, and colouring does not accelerate the greying of hair. The hair starts greying when the melanin stops producing the colour pigment, and this is when your hair starts turning into grey. Also Read - Haircare: This Home Remedy by Bhagyashree Will Make Your Hair Softer And Stronger

Myth 3: Colouring will make your hair-thin.

Fact: Colour has no role in making your hair thin, deficiency in vitamins and minerals could be one reason your hair starts thinning.

Myth 4: Colouring will damage your hair.

Fact: This is one of the biggest myths and one that you all must have heard all the time. Colouring your hair can’t have an incredibly negative impact on your hair. Still, there are many different options on the market for maintaining healthy hair while having fun with the colours, and you need to use a colour safe shampoo, conditioner, and serum, a significant culprit for damaged hair lies in the use of colour if using a proper technique & aftercare then your hair will be just as soft and healthy always.

Myth 5: Hair colour is difficult to maintain.

Fact: No, hair colour is easy to maintain, you need an excellent aftercare product such as (shampoo, conditioner & serum it is vital but don’t buy them without consulting with your hairstylist, as he/she know your hair & scalp.

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