The zesty, tangy flavor that lemon adds to dishes and drinks is simply lip-smacking. Rich in Vitamin C, lemons are a must-have addition in your daily diet as they pack a range of health benefits. They are low in sugar and calories and aid in digestion, make for a refreshing summer drink and add a dash of flavor in every dish. Adding more lemons to your everyday diet is a healthy move and the good thing is, you can include them in several ways. We list the top five ways to add more lemons to your life. (ALSO SEE Best avocado hacks: top 5 ways to include avocados in snacks)

Warm water with lemon and honey

lemon warm water

One of the best things to give your body early morning is to drink a concoction of warm water with lemon squeezed into it and a few drops of honey. This is a detox drink and clears your bowels. Lemon leaves a zesty flavor in one’s mouth and makes for a great start of the day.



A tall glass of lemonade is one of the most refreshing things in summers. Easy to make, lemonade is basically water mixed with lemon juice. You can add salt, sugar and chaat masala if needed to improve the flavor. A desi drink called shikanji is also quite popular in north India during the hot months and is had after meals or in the evening. Many even drink lemonade with soda instead of water but the latter is healthier so resist the fizz if you can. (ALSO SEE Diet tips for foodies: How food lovers can stay slim)

Lemon pickle

If you love the lemony flavor, you will salivate just like we are at the thought of lemon pickle. Made in most Indian homes and savored with meals, lemon pickle is packed with health benefits as it uses the entire fruit with the skin which is full of nutrients. Most lemon pickles are water-based and do not contain oil. However, when it comes to pickles, you need to follow some restrain and not eat more than two teaspoons per day.

Lemon in salads

lemon salad

If you find eating salads rather boring, make it interesting by squeezing some lemon juice on it. Use lemon juice as a salad dressing along with honey and vinaigrette and you have the tastiest and healthiest salad ever! Green salad can also be tasty with just a dash of lemon squeezed on it. Add some chaat masala for more flavor. (ALSO SEE What is the 80/20 diet rule?)

Lemon chicken

lemon chicken

If you love chicken, you will surely love this dish which has the benefits of lemons without compromising on the taste. Lemon chicken uses lemon juice as well as lemon zest along with other ingredients and spices but the base flavor is lemony. This slightly tangy dish is fit for mains and is certainly lesser in calories than its Indian counterparts like butter chicken or chicken fry.

While sucking on lemon slices when doing tequila shots are not really our idea of including lemons in your diet, it does have health benefits and the added advantage of changing your mouth’s taste after the salt and bitter tequila shot.

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