The scorching summer heat is unbearable, but don’t let the heat beat you down. During summer, you can be prone to a lot of illnesses if you do not take proper precautions in this heat and humidity. But with just a few tips you can stay cool in the summer. Just by making sure you keep you wear summer appropriate clothes, hydrate your body and stay away from the sun, you can keep your body fresh and cool this summer. Here are some simple and helpful tips to stay cool. (ALSO READ Top 8 ways to make your perfume last longer this summer!).Also Read - Want to Switch to Sustainable Living? Here Are 5 Easy Ways to do it

Shower twice a day

Shower twice a dayAlso Read - Pregnant Neha Dhupia Does Natarajasna Like a Pro, Sets Major Fitness Goals

Showering twice a day will not only help you clean off the grime, but it will also keep your body cool. Prefer a cold shower to cool down your body. Start with some lukewarm water so that your pores open and you efficiently begin the cleansing process, towards the end of your shower, splash cold water on your body to close the pores. It will also lower your body temperature and leave you feeling fresh. Also Read - 5 Common Habits That Can be as Dangerous as Smoking

Use a hydrating moisturizer

Use hydrating moisturizer

To seal in the moisture, right after you step out of the shower, use some moisturizer on your skin, while your skin is still damp. Opt for one that has a citrus fragrance to feel fresh. On your face a light moisturizer should do the trick. Also, generously apply sunscreen lotion all over your body to protect yourself from the harmful ultraviolet radiations. If you have dry skin apply a layer of moisturizer before you slather on the sunscreen, otherwise most of the sunscreen comes with a moisturizing base, so you need not apply moisturizer before the sunscreen.

Cut your hair short

Cut your hair short

During summer you need to style your hair in such a way that it is off your neck and face to stay cool. Ponytails, updos and hair buns always work. Or simply you can opt for a haircut so that you keep the hair off your face and neck. A short haircut will not only make you look sassy, but it will also keep you cool this summer. (ALSO READ Summer hairstyles: Step-by-step guide for 4 super cool summer hairstyles!).

Keep yourself hydrated

Hydrate yourself

During summer, your body tends to lose a lot of water through sweat, so drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and keep yourself cool during the scorching heat. Consume a lot of liquids, not just in the form of water and other drinks but also have some fresh fruit snacks such as watermelon, grapefruit, oranges and strawberries.

Avoid caffeine

Avoid caffeine

Caffeinated drinks and beverages, such as coffee, tea, and energy drinks and soda will dehydrate your body. So try to stay away from caffeinated drinks and try to include more water. If you do not like gulping down plain water, you can have refreshing fruit infused water.

Stay indoors

Stay out of the sun

Try to stay away from the sun as much as possible. Try to be indoors in the afternoon so as to make sure you do not spend extended period of time without shade. When you step outside use an umbrella, hat or scarf to shield yourself from the sun.

Wear summer appropriate clothes

Wear summer appropriate clothes

Opt for something light to wear, as light colored clothes reflect the light away from your body to keep your body cool. Opt for bright colors like white, yellow and orange. Also consider wearing light and breathable fabrics such as cotton to keep you cool. Keep your outfit loose and breezy. A white summer dress will definitely keep you cooler than denim.  Wear shorts, skirts and flowing tops instead of tight fitting clothes with heavy fabric.

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