More and more women prefer to get their hair chopped short now and style them into a buzz cut, a nice pixie cut, a blunt bob or a long bob. Though cutting hair short can make you feel a whole lot different and better about your hair but it still needs a lot of maintenance. You need to know that by bidding your long locks goodbye, you cannot cut down on your haircare routine. Earlier we shared with you top 10 tips to take care of your curly hair, here are few tips that will help you to take care of your short hair. Also Read - Hair Care: Try These 6 Haircare Regime for Winters

Revive and style your bed head

No, you definitely cannot rock that bed head without putting in a little bit of effort to make it look good! So, if you wake up with your hair sticking out in different directions, and you do not have time to wash you hair, simply spritz some water using a spray bottle. Using your hands, work your bed head into the intended style and you are ready to rock your bed head! Also Read - Weight Lifting, Sleeping Face-Down And More: Here're 5 Lifestyle Habits That May be Ageing Your Skin

Change your hair wash routine

Now that you have chopped your hair, you will need to experiment with your washing frequency because even though your hair length has changed drastically, the scalp’s oil production remains the same. So if you begin to notice that your hair easily becomes greasy,  start washing your hair slightly more often using a mild shampoo. Also Read - A Complete Guide to Help Revive Monsoon Damaged Hair

Top 7 tips to take care of short hair

 Start using less shampoo and conditioner

Start using less of shampoo and conditioner when cleaning your hair and scalp. Short hair does not need much conditioner, if you end up using a lot of conditioner you will end up weighing down your hair. Also, overusing shampoo can leave you with an irritated scalp and dry hair.

Use hair product that suits your hair

Consider using a small amount of hair product such as an anti-frizz serum, gel, texturing spray or styling cream. Just a little bit of product can tame your short hair and make it more manageable. Also, try to avoid using a lot of heat styling tools.

Top 7 tips to take care of short hair

Take care of your scalp

Just like the rest of your skin, you should also start paying more attention to your scalp. Avoid product overload because using pomades and hair gel will make your hair look amazing, but the product buildup might make your scalp irritated. Product build up can leave you with dry, irritated and flaky scalp. Try to alternatively include an exfoliating hair scalp mask and a nourishing mask in your haircare regimen.

Use caution when blow drying your hair

Try to air dry your hair as much as possible, but if you want to use blow dryer, use it on low heat. Since short hair tends to frizz when blow dried, it is recommended that your air dry your hair as much as possible. Scrunch it in case you need add some volume to your hair. When it comes to adding some volume to the hair, scrunching hair gives a more even result than blow drying.

Top 7 tips to take care of short hair

Schedule your hair cut appointments

The appearance of your hair can change rapidly as your hair starts growing, so try to schedule your haircut and trimming appointments on time. Try to get your hair trimmed every 6 weeks and a full hair cut in three months.

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