Your pubic hair is not just there to provide a cushioning to prevent any kind of friction, but also to protect yourself from any kind of injury, bacterial infection and foreign particles from entering the body. We all know that good personal hygiene is extremely important to ensure good health, but do you take proper care of your pubic hair? The area around your genitals have to be kept clean in order avoid and prevent discomfort, bacteria, and germs. Here are some hygiene tips to take care of your pubic hair. (ALSO READ How to look good in a bikini? Here’s how you can confidently flaunt your bikini body this Summer).Also Read - Hygiene: Tips To Deal With Strong Vaginal Odor | Watch Video

1. To keep your pubic hair clean, wash the area using warm water, you can also soak in a tub of warm water. But try to avoid using harsh soaps and perfumed soaps on your pubic area as they can irritate your skin. As your pubic area has a specific pH level, you can use pH balanced pubic washes to keep your pubic area clean, you can buy them at any local pharmacist. Also Read - Canadian Brewery Unknowingly Names Its Beer 'Huruhuru' Which Means ‘Pubic Hair’ in Maori Language, Apologises

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2. After using the restroom, clean your pubic area by using a wet towel or tissue to wipe so that you stop the spread of harmful bacteria around your pubic area as pubic hair is a good breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

3. Always keep your pubic hair dry. Make sure that the area is dry after showering, never put on clothes with moisture around the area, as it can not only cause irritation but also lead to bacterial infection. (ALSO READ Say goodbye to ingrown hair: 5 ways to get rid of ingrowth from you bikini line, armpits and legs).

4. Never use deodorant, talcum powder or shampoo to clean your pubic hair.  Also, avoid using fragrant wipes to keep the area clean and odorless.

Top 8 hygiene tips to take care of your pubic hair

5. Prefer looser clothing with breathable fabric like cotton, so that you are comfortable even if sweating occurs down there. Avoid nylon and synthetic fabric near your pubic area. Always wear fresh, clean and unused underpants.

6. To maintain hygiene, trim your pubic hair. Keep it to a manageable length so that there is no risk of germs in your pubic area.

Top 8 hygiene tips to take care of your pubic hair

7. If you want to remove the hair you can chose to shave them, which is a less painful option than waxing. You will need to use scissors to trim the hair first and then choose a razor specifically designed to shave pubic hair so that you prevent any nicks and cuts. Take a warm shower so that the coarse hair softens up and also your pores open up. Use some shaving cream and then shave carefully. Apply aloe vera gel to soothe the area post shaving.

8. You can also go to a professional to get your pubic hair waxed. You can opt for a bikini wax, the professional will remove all the pubic hair that would be visible if you were wearing a bikini bottom. Another option is to get a Brazilian wax done, to remove all the hair. You can also get a at-home waxing kit and get help from someone if you do not want to consult a professional. (ALSO READ What is bikini waxing: 13 tips to keep in mind before you plan your first bikini waxing appointment).

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