Among the many health benefits of exercise is its ability to help your body faster after a spinal cord injury.
Any injury to the spinal cord is a cause for major concern. Rehabilitation and recovery after spinal cord injury could be a long and painful process. But now a new research published in Science Translational Medicine states that being physically active can help with the regeneration of the peripheral nervous system that controls motor and sensory functions. This is why physically active people have a tendency to recover more after spinal cord injury as compared to those with sedentary lifestyles. While any kind of exercise can help with the recovery, it is a good idea to include some spinal cord strengthening exercises in your fitness regimen. These will not just fasten recovery in case of injury, but it will also lessen the risk of falls and injuries. Always make sure to do these exercises with the help of a trained professional or you could end up with injuries.Also Read - World Spine Day 2019: Keep Your Spine Healthy And Active With These Lifestyle Changes

Pelvis tilt: This is great for strengthening your spinal cord and improving posture. You need to lie down on your back with knees apart. Push your back flat against the floor by applying pressure around the pelvic area and hold the position for 5-10 seconds.

Purna matsyendra asana or full-spinal-twist pose:  This yoga asana can help in toning and strengthening your back. Sit down on the floor with your legs stretched out straight. Now, bend your left leg and place your left foot on your right thigh. Bend your right leg at the knee and cross it over the knee of your left leg. Stretch your right hand over your bent right knee and hold your right foot.

Konasana: You can do this exercise regularly, to get an erect spine. All you need to do is stand straight with your feet, raise right arm straight up till it is parallel to the floor. Bend to the left and slide the left hand towards the left ankle. Return to the normal position.

Backbend: This simple exercise will keep your back strong and flexible. It can also reduce stiffness. You need to stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Place your palms on your waist and bend backwards.  Try to go as low as you can without bending the knees. Come back to the original position after 5 seconds. Do this exercise once every day to see the best results.