Balushahi is a traditional Indian dessert that is also popular in Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh and is typically prepared during the biggest Hindu festivals including Deepawali or Diwali. The sweet appears similar to a glazed donut but is different than the latter in taste and texture. The sweet is consumed mostly in North India, but South Indians also have another version of the sweet and it’s called Badushah.Also Read - Forget Free Ka Khaana! Bride Asks Guests to Pay Rs 7370 For Food at Wedding & We've Lost Our Appetite

Balushahi is an incredibly rich in taste and also relatively easy to prepare. It only has three main ingredients and its preparation time is about half an hour. But if you’re a health freak, you will only want to restrict eating Balushahi to your cheat days as it’s very high in calories (as are all Indian sweets to be honest). This recipe of traditional Balushahi has been suggested to us by a home chef and is as authentic as the sweet gets. ALSO READ: How to make gulgule or meethe pakode and jalebis Also Read - How to Eat Nutritious Food This Festive Season, Chef Vikas Khanna Shares Tips

Balushahi Recipe

1/2 kg maida
1/8 tsp baking soda
300 gm ghee
1/2 kg sugar
Ghee for deep-frying Also Read - Nuts, Seeds and Plant Oils Protect from Heart and Other Diseases, Says a Study

Method :
1. Mix the maida, ghee and soda and knead to a soft dough, adding water if required.
2. Shape into small balls, flatten a bit and make a depression in the center by pressing with your thumb. ALSO READ: Traditional Puran Poli Recipe: How to make Maharashtrian Puran Poli
3. Heat the ghee and deep fry first over high heat and then low heat till cooked through. Make a sugar syrup of one-thread consistency.
4. Soak the balushai in it for 5-10 minutes, strain out of the syrup and serve.

Here’s the complete video of the Balushahi recipe by Youtube channel Being Marathi:

The recipe is by a home chef who runs Being Marathi, a popular cooking channel on YouTube.

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