Holi is a festival of colours, joy and merry-making, as well as gorging on delicious sweets and savoury delicacies. Different parts of India have different kinds of traditions regarding what foods we eat during the festival of Holi. In parts of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra for example, people prepare gulgule also known as meethe pakode on the occassion of Holi. Some times they mix a little intoxication with the sweetness in the pakoda batter, in the form of ground cannabis leaves or bhang. 

The second sweet that actually goes with any Indian festival is the jalebi. The crispy, golden and sticky sweet is a common sweet that is eaten with poha for breakfast in some parts of North India and Uttar Pradesh. However, for people who have taken bhang, the jalebis only act by heightening the intoxication. Given below are traditional recipes for gulgule or meethe pakode and jalebis, to make Holi 2017 a little more sweet for you. ALSO READ: Holi Bhang Drink Recipes: These 5 delicious bhang drinks will make your Holi a little more colourful

Gulgule/Meethe Pakode Recipe

1 Cup of Wheat Flour
1/2 Cup Jaggery
Half Baanana
Pinch Of Salt
Oil for Deep Fry

1. Take Jaggery in a Bowl and add normal water. Mix the jaggery in water.
2. Keep crushing the jaggery until it melts completely.
3. Add Banana to the bowl and crush it.
4. Now start adding flour.
5. Add a pinch of salt.
6. Make batter like pakoda and keep it aside for two hours
7. After two hours deep fry this pakoda in heated oil. Gulgule is ready. ALSO READ: Traditional Puran Poli Recipe: How to make Maharashtrian Puran Poli for Holi 2017

Here is the full video of how to make gulgule for Holi:

Jalebi Recipe

1 Cup Maida/Refined Flour
4 tsp Besan
1 tsp Rice Flour
4 tsp Curd
1 Cup Sugar
pinch of Turmeric Powder
Pinch of yellow food color
Saffron Stricks
Oil/ Ghee for Deep Fry

1. Mix all the flours together in a mixing bowl. Then add turmeric powder and curd.
2. Mix evereything well and make loose batter.
3. The batter should have a flowing consistency.
4. Keep the batter to ferment for 12 to 15 hours or overnight.
5. After 12 hours start making sugar syrup.
6. Take 1 cup sugar in a pan add saffron sticks and half cup of water. Heat it on low flame.
7. Cook till you will get one string consistency. ALSO READ: Easy Holi Sweet Recipe: Here’s how to make thandai rasmalai in simple steps
8. Sugar syrup will be ready in 5 minutes. Keep it aside.
9. Now take the batter and mix it well again.
10. If you want, add few drops of saffron food color and mix it well. Now pour this batter in jalebi mould.
11. Heat oil on low flame. Squeeze the bottle and make concentric rings with the batter.
12. Fry the jalebis on low flame only and turn them with a skewer. Do not use a spatula.
13. Then immediately put the fried jalebis in the hot sugar syrup. Make sure sugar syrup is hot when you do that.
14. Jalebis are ready to serve.

Here is the full video of how to make jalebis for Holi:

These recipes are by a home chef who runs Being Marathi, a popular cooking channel on YouTube.

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