New Delhi: With just one day left for the US Presidental inauguration, social media is abuzz with just one question– what will Kamala Harris wear on the inauguration day. Will she wear a traditional Indian sari or a professional suit? Many social media users on Twitter have reacted to the speculation that Kamala might wear a saree for the inauguration ball to keep up her Indian culture. Notably, on January 20, Kamala Harris will be assuming the office of Vice President of the United States.Also Read - US President Biden's Vow Of Black Justice A Nod To His Most Loyal Voters

The speculation came after fashion designer Bibhu Mohapatra in an interview to CNN said that it would not be a surprise if Kamala decides to wear a saree for the inauguration ball. According to him, it is important for madam VP that she uses her saree as a tool to bring people together. Also Read - Petrol, Diesel Prices May Soon Rise As Crude Oil Price Touches Seven Year High

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Moreover, Kamala was also asked the same question about sari by a person from the audience during her campaign speech. She was asked if she would be wearing the traditional Indian sari if she wins the election. Back then, Kamala had then said, “Let’s first win.”

as per the fashion designer, Kamala should use the garment as a healing gesture at this time when the new administration has the task of unifying the country. He also believes that Kamala’s picture in a saree that had previously surfaced on social media has made him and others relate to her more than before.

Many are expecting that Kamala will wear a sari as her origin is in India. Her mother is amala Gopalan, a biomedical scientist, migrated from India to the US and her father Donald Harris — Jamaican-American — is an economist and professor emeritus at Stanford University.

Many people took to social media to say that they hoped to see the 56-year-old in a saree. Others thought it would be unlikely from a politician who has so far stuck to wearing formal suits.

It must be noted that Kamala Harris has rarely been seen in a saree, an old photograph that has being widely shared online does show her wearing one. The pic shows her on a couch with her grandparents, wearing a red saree.