These days, there are a lot of negative headlines around passion. There seems to be a lot written about why having a passion is a negative thing. Most people have the misconception that passion is the driving force while passion is an effect. If you want to actually be enthusiastic, then you’ll have to have a plan. Having a plan when it comes to your passion can help you articulate your dreams and offer you a more precise image of what you need to do to make them a reality.Also Read - Career Advice For Women | Watch Video

If you turned your focus to improving your talents and abilities for the sake of helping others, you’d begin to have a very passionate and purposeful life. It will give you self-satisfaction and happiness. And this raises an essential aspect about a passion that is rarely mentioned. There are two kinds of passion: one that you should pursue and one that you should avoid. The type of passion that most people desire is the type of passion that will destroy their lives.
Obsessive and harmonious passions are the two types of passion. Also Read - India to host 5th Young Chef Olympiad in Jan

Obsessive passion is about being completely fuelled and driven by emotions, current trends. This is the type of passion in which you are unsure of your WHY. You’re looking for dopamine, self-esteem, social acceptability, significance, or anything else. Obsessive passion may appear and feel fantastic at the moment, but it inevitably leads to a messed-up life. Obsessive passion is defined as an activity that interferes with other aspects of your life and frequently leads to addiction. Also Read - India shines in Egypt: President Sisi honors Indian leader for Women Empowerment

The difference between passion and obsession is that one enriches and fulfills their life while the other does not. An obsession appears to be interfering with your life or relationships, at least in some ways. Most importantly, it appears to be that way forever.

How can you stay passionate while not becoming obsessed?
Consider this: are you doing this to make a quick buck by rushing it? You’re trying to achieve something by focusing on something that isn’t likely to work if you rush and try all these things you want to undertake; based on something you desire short term. At its best, passion is gratifying and makes us more eager and happy about our work. If you have a variety of ideas and a clear vision that there is something you wish to do for a greater or good cause. It doesn’t have to be a moral purpose; it could be something personal. Because time is limited and we all have the same amount of it, you may choose to focus solely on getting things done.

Passion is one of the keys to performance, creativity, imagination, and ingenuity. However, we rarely consider how other important aspects of life feed into our primary interests. If you feel good about yourself and the work you undertake to break away, passion is a source of long-term success.

When people are enthusiastic and passionate, they are more resilient when confronted with challenges. People who are passionate about what they do rather than merely “in it for the money” have more positive attitudes and are better at problem-solving.

Furthermore, the more enthusiastic a person is about their career, the more likely they are to work hard on self-improvement, hence boosting their chances of success.

— Inputs from Amandeep Thind, International Public Speaker, Trainer, and Best-Seller Author

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