The distinct sweet-sour flavor of tamarind also known as imli, makes it a kitchen staple. But you will be surprised to know that the vitamin C rich tamarind has also some beauty benefits which can rejuvenate your skin. So start including this sour fruit in your skincare regime to brighten up your dull skin. We had earlier shared with you DIY face masks for blemish-free skin, to remove suntan and for younger-looking skin. Here is another natural face scrub home remedy that you can make using tamarind to get rid of dead skin cells. Also Read - Incredible Benefits of Lemon For Skin, Hair And Nails

The vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acids present in tamarind give a boost of healthy glow to your skin by removing the dead skin cells. You can use this face scrub to brighten up your dull and lifeless skin. To make this natural face scrub you will need tamarind, water and rock salt. Here is how you can make the DIY natural tamarind scrub. (ALSO READ Home remedies to get rid of dead skin cells: 7 homemade scrubs to remove dead skin cells from face and body). Also Read - Skincare: All The Ways The Miracle Ingredient Hyaluronic Acid Benefits The Skin

The first step to make this scrub is to make a tamarind pulp. You can make tamarind pulp at home easily.  Soak handful of tamarind into boiling water and then once it becomes cool, remove the seeds and mash it into a thick pulp. Mix equal quantity of tamarind pulp and rock salt in a bowl and  apply it on your skin with circular motions. This scrub will slough away the rough and dead skin, leaving your with healthy skin. Wash it off well and pat dry your face. Use this face scrub regularly to get glowing skin. (ALSO READ DIY coconut water face mask to get blemish-free glowing skin!). Also Read - Benefits of Oiling Your Navel | Is Belly Button Oiling Good For Skin And Health?

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