Jaan Kumar Sanu weight loss journey: Singer and Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu once again opened up on his terrific weight loss journey. In his latest interview with a daily, he talked about the kind of motivation he received from his peers and how he tried to manifest his energies in losing weight after he stepped out of the Salman Khan hosted reality show.Also Read - This Bigg Boss Contestant Undergoes Surgery But Doesn't Reveal The Reason | Check Pics From Hospital

Jaan was inside the house for around two months during which he says he had lost 14 kilos. The young singer who is the son of popular playback artiste Kumar Sanu mentioned that he lost 14 kgs inside the Bigg Boss house but it was an unhealthy weight loss as he was surviving on bad eating habits at that time. Speaking to Times of India, Jaan said that one has to survive on a limited ration inside the Bigg Boss house and that was the reason he had developed a habit of not eating much. “Post coming out of Bigg Boss 14, I saw a few initial episodes of mine and I didn’t look that great onscreen. I was looking very fat in fact. The problem is the 14 days quarantine that we were in before entering the Bigg Boss house, I ate a lot that time and the chef at the hotel was a Bengali. He just kept feeding me food. I was just eating all the time and when I entered the BB house I was 92 kg. I dropped some weight inside the Bigg Boss house. When I came out of the house I was 78. I dropped around 14 kilos in 2 months inside the house but it was more of an unhealthy weight loss,” he said. Also Read - Jaan Kumar Sanu Undergoes Massive Transformation, Courtesy Eijaz Khan

Jaan added that once he came out of the house and started working on his diet, he lost more than eight kgs and that’s the weight he has maintained now. The singer said he weighs 70 kgs today and he is proud of his journey. “Then when I came out I decided that this unhealthy weight loss, I will make up for it and I’ll keep a check on myself. Then I lost 8 more kilos and I am 70 now. I decided to do this because in today’s time and date I feel singers also have to be presentable,” he said. Also Read - Nikki Tamboli, Jaan Kumar Sanu Play Holi Together, She Calls Them 'Jaanki' | Watch Viral Video

Apart from his strong will and a non-negotiable routine that he followed, Jaan also credited many people for his decision of losing weight. He said he got inspired by Sidharth Shukla and Eijaz Khan who pushed him to look after his health. He also mentioned that Rubina Dilaik has good health habits and she always motivated him to eat better.

Do you feel inspired by Jaan’s weight loss journey?