Shehnaaz Gill’s latest photoshoot: Posting photos of flawless blemish-free, pore-less skin, a tiny waist, and a narrow nose with the help of oh-so-expensive Photoshop tools just to meet unrealistic beauty standards is common these days. It’s a known fact that Photoshop has been destroying beauty standards for more than two decades now. The image editing tool is used to make an individual look more attractive and meet the ‘perfect image label’.Also Read - Bigg Boss OTT: Shehnaaz Gill Drops Major Hint About Featuring With Sidharth Shukla On The Show

The latest to hop onto the Photoshop bandwagon is Bigg Boss fame Shehnaaz Gill. The singer-actor shared a bunch of photos of herself in a beautiful, embellished beige dress. While scrolling through her pictures, one cannot help but notice that her otherwise prominent birthmark (on her chest) is suddenly gone. Also Read - "Where Are You Shehnaaz Gill": Shehnaaz Gill's Fans Are Missing Her on Twitter| Watch Video to Know Where She Is

Check out pictures posted by Shehnaaz Gill:

The singer-actor looks gorgeous, to say the least, but what was the point of hiding the birthmark at all? In the multiple photos posted by the Bigg Boss stunner, one can clearly notice the photoshop fail! Shehnaaz has a distinctive birthmark on her chest and before this photoshoot, the actor would unabashedly post pictures of herself flaunting her birthmark. What changed this time then? Also Read - Bigg Boss OTT: Sidharth Shukla-Shehnaaz Gill To Be Part Of The Show As Contestants?

Celebrities often advocate self-love and body positivity. And ironically, celebrity photoshop is nothing new. Gaze through any magazine cover, and you will be able to point it out yourself. Not just Shehnaaz, Bhumi Pednekar was also called out in the recent past for posting a digitally altered version of herself. In the west, celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Knowles, Miranda Kerr are accused of heavily editing their pictures and even making themselves unbelievably different to some extent sometimes.

Check out Shehnaaz Gill pictures with birthmark:

Shehnaaz though, who enjoys a massive fan following on social media is known among her fans for being beautifully natural, innocent, and there’s this unstoppable energy in her that can’t be retouched or removed. That’s probably the reason behind her massive fan-following which is increasing every day. The actor and singer also have been in the buzz for her weight loss journey where she revealed that she wanted to lose weight because only women with a certain body shape and size are offered work in the industry. In a YouTube session for fans, she was quoted as saying, “That look is also my favourite. But baat ye hai ki kaam nahi milta industry mein. Yahan pe patli ladkiyan chalti hain (They don’t give you any work in the industry. Only thin women are in demand here)”.

Shouldn’t she now take the road less travelled to set an example? A person who resonates so well with people of all ages has to be a little careful and it’s the right time for our unabashed Shehnaaz Kaur Gill to do some thinking behind her decisions now that she has the power to influence hundreds of people at once. Let the discussion about body positivity and beauty standards reflect in our decisions and activities!

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