Women-centric health apps are hugely popular because of the convenience they offer. Based on your age, weight, cycle time frame, flow, your health goal, lifestyle, etc. these health apps are able to help you put your life on track. Now, you no longer have to worry about missing your periods date or your ovulation period. Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, health and wellness apps are becoming increasingly main place in the average woman’s app list. If you look at any of the app stores, you will find at least 5-7 menstrual trackers which help
women manage their periods and fertility better. Dr Rasmi Mishra of Vivant shares the types of health apps women can make use of.Also Read - Dangerous Smartphone Apps That You Must Immediately Delete

Period and fertility trackers: Want a better way to manage your menstrual health? Download a period tracking app. These are excellent for tracking menstruation cycles. Some of these apps also help monitor your nutrition uptake, moods, weight, activity, medicine, sleep, etc during your periods. Some even let mothers track their daughters’ cycles. Also Read - Ex-CIA Engineer Convicted In Massive Theft Of Secret Info

Pregnancy planning apps: These help women predict the dates of ovulation and allow couples to do family planning better. Whether it is a reminder of your fertility window, or necessary medication, these apps now have you covered. If you are in the process of family planning, apps like these can help you ascertain your most fertile window, increasing the chances of conception. Even if the couple is planning medically assisted pregnancy, these apps come in handy by managing the triumvirate of the fertility window, cycle duration and medication schedule. Also Read - Menstrual Myth Busted: You Should NOT Exercise During Periods? Here's What We Know

Menopause management: Menopausal women can keep a tab of the changes one expects at their age with quick tips, blog posts, moods and disposition logger.
The best part is that many of these mobile phone apps are free or charge a nominal fee.