Pregnancy comes with certain obvious symptoms like food craving, nausea, vomiting, etc. These are known to most of the women out there. However, there are certain other unusual signs as well that show you that you are going to be a mother. These symptoms may be experienced by some and not by others. But that is not a cause of worry. Here we tell you about some of the innovative and unusual signs your body gives you during pregnancy.

Urinary incontinence

During gestation, some women experience trouble holding their urine whilst laughing. In fact, during a walk, they feel pressure on their bladder and an uncontrolled urge to pee. The pressure is exerted by your baby inside your womb. You can control your pelvic muscles up to some level by doing Kegel exercises.

Digestive gas or flatulence

Pregnant ladies go through this embarrassing symptom due to the secretion of relaxin and progesterone hormone. Notably, relaxin relaxes the abdominal muscles and the ligaments. While the other relaxes your intestine muscles. This results in slow digestion burping and bloating. You can indulge in light physical exercise to get relief from the gas.

Vaginal discharge

During pregnancy, your body goes through changes in hormone secretion. This leads to an abnormal quantity of vaginal discharge. This hormonal disruption and discharge of fluid are to prevent yourself from getting any infection.


This is one of the unusual symptoms of pregnancy. The hormonal change in the body leads to a problem in sleeping. Insomnia can potentially affect your health majorly. So, you need to indulge in some relaxing exercises, deep breathing, etc. to sleep better. Getting a warm bath before bedtime can also work. In case, nothing seems to be working, you can take the help of medicines too.