Here are a few health signs that a woman should never ignore in order to ensure that she is hale and hearty throughout her lifetime, according to Dr Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynaecologist and IVF Expert, International Fertility Centre.Also Read - Menstrual Cups Vs Pads Vs Tampons: Which is Safer For Women’s Health?

1.Irregular Bleeding: It is very essential to track on when you ovulate during the month to ensure that you have a regular menstrual cycle. Periods get irregular as there can be an onset of menopause but there is no other reason as such. Any kind of irregularity or abnormality in your cycle is a reason for concern and it is important for you to see a doctor. Also Read - Like Women, Men Hit Menopause Too - All You Need to Know

2. Immobility: Many women do not take numbness and blackouts too seriously. But such symptoms can actually take a toll on health as they can be the reason for a stroke. It is very important to alarm your family members if you have an accompanying issue like problems in speech, sight or walking. Also Read - Early Menopause May Cause Type 2 Diabetes

3. Unnecessary Weight Gain: There can be a phase in a woman’s life that she might be experiencing unnecessary weight gain even without any significant changes in her lifestyle. Sudden weight gain can result in health conditions like hypothyroidism. Such kind of thyroid is very important to be controlled and requires urgent assistance of a doctor.

4. Weakness in Arms or Legs: Many women face weakness or sudden pain after they reach the age of 40. This indicates the problem of menopause or lack of calcium in the body. It is always advised for women over a certain age to take vitamin and calcium supplements.

5. Chest Pain: Never ignore discomfort or unexplained chest pain as it can be a symptom of heart attack or a heart problem. Women with cardiac problems often complain about symptoms like uneasiness, anxiety and even burning sensations. Never take any symptom lightly.

6. Strong Smell in the Urine: Most of the women do not check on the variations in the urine but it is important to do so. A change in the smell of your urine, irritation or sudden discharge can be a reason for Urinary Tract Infection. Also, the colour of the urine starts to darken while you are dehydrated therefore, notice the changes and get going!