Turmeric is a popular Indian spice that has been linked to various health benefits. This bright yellow kitchen ingredient contains a bioactive compound called curcumin. This is what helps in healing wounds and protecting you from inflammation. Turmeric can potentially heal your cracked skin, make your skin tone even, and also prevent hair fall. This flowering plant belongs to the ginger family and is considered one of the most beneficial spices in India. From promoting your heart health to reducing the risk of developing cancer, and treating Alzheimer’s disease, turmeric can do it all for you. Here, we list a few beauty benefits of turmeric.

Reduces stretch marks

Have you recently delivered a child? Are you finding it almost impossible to get rid of stretch marks? Don’t worry. Turmeric can help you in this regard. A mix of turmeric, lime juice, and saffron can help in fading the stretch marks. All you need to do is to make a paste of these ingredients and apply it on the affected skin area. Let the paste stay there for at least 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water.

Treats uneven skin tone

Exposure to sunlight leads to tanning which makes your skin tone look uneven. Tan is quite tough to treat. But, turmeric can help you say goodbye to it. To restore your natural glow, you need to prepare a face mask with a mix of turmeric, milk, and honey. Then apply the face mask on the affected area. Wash off after 25 minutes. Use this thrice a week.

Delays ageing

Free radicals in the body are responsible for causing premature ageing. Turmeric can actually flush out these free radicals due to its antioxidant properties. It contains a pigment called curcuminoid. This is what helps your body synthesize antioxidants. Turmeric can also help you get rid of dark spots and fine lines.