Valentine’s Day is just four days away, but do you think your relationship can make it to February 14th? V-Day is touted to be the most romantic day of the year, but statistically, most couples call it quits on Valentine’s Day. As per a new survey, more couples split on V-day than any other time of the year. Also Read - Express Your Love With This Artificial Intelligence Platform!

Louanne Ward, a relationship coach from Perth, Western Australia busted myths about romance in an interview with Daily Mail Australia. “Commercial hype or the most romantic day of the year? However, you perceive Valentine’s Day, there’s no denying it dominates conversation every February.” Adding, “To gift or not to gift? How soon is too soon to celebrate? Do I go all out or keep it simple? These questions become even harder to answer when we’re overwhelmed by traditions and myths surrounding the way men and women like to celebrate.” Also Read - Valentine's Special: Shraddha Kapoor Delivers A Special Valentine's Day Message For All Her Fans!

The relationship coach did one research which had singles and couples from Australia, and it was found that around 63 percent of men and women prefer love rather than getting gifts on the most romantic day of the year.
We have listed down the reason why couples call it quits: Also Read - Valentine’s Day 2020: Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar Reveal Important Things About Their Relationship!

Couple Split on V-day or two days before Valentine’s Day

Louanne told Daily Mail Australia, “It turns out while many singles are desperate to find a date before February 14, their coupled counterparts are desperate to call it quits”.

“Moving out of the festive season can draw up tension and issues that, when left unresolved into the New Year, translate into a heightened desire to break up before the season of love truly reaches fever pitch,” she added. Nearly 50% of Australians surveyed revealed they have had a fight with their partner on Valentine’s Day.

Women more romantic than men

She further stated that 58 percent of people are of the opinion that women are more romantic than men but 42% said that’s not the case. Louanne also said that women are pickier than men when choosing a partner.

Don’t gift her Red roses

The research further says that most women don’t prefer red roses on this day, it’s not their first choice.
However, another survey by says that peak dumping time is two days before the big day, in fact, most of them dump their partner over a text, as per The Sun.

– The couples break up as they wish to save money on a gift
– To avoid being pressured into a false declaration of love

This Valentine’s Day, don’t go overboard with the planning.