Valentine’s Day almost here and we are sure you guys must have already made plans for the day. The day devoted to love means you will see romantic images everywhere. The restaurants and shops are decorated with heart-shaped balloons, red roses and lovey-dovey teddy bears. It is the time when every this is touched by romance. If you are planning to go for a date or a party on Valentine’s Day, then you need to have a romantic makeup and we are here to help. Although red is considered the color of love, you can create a glamorous look without using red lipstick. Follow this makeup tutorial by Smitha of SmithDBeauty. (ALSO READ Valentine’s Day 2018 Restaurant Offers: Dine at These Romantic Restaurants in Mumbai Without Burning a hole in Your pocket This Valentine’s Day).Also Read - Viral Video: Groom Gets His Makeup Done For The Wedding, People Say 'Why Should Brides Have All The Fun' | Watch

Start by filling the brows with a soft brown color and clean up the borders by using a concealer. Next, you will have to place scotch tapes at the side of your eyes to have sharp edges for the eye makeup. Also Read - After 2 Hours, Sunscreens With Zinc Oxide Ingredient Can Become Toxic: Study

Use a soft brown color on your crease, starting from the outer side to the inner corner. Intensify the inner corner and the outer edge using a darker brown shade. By darkening the outer parts and leaving the center, you will be able to create a halo effect. Also Read - Astringents VS Skin Toners: Which is Best For You? Shahnaz Husain Reveals

Apply bright pink shade on the center of your eyelids.  You can use your finger to apply it and then spread it out using a brush. Use an ivory colored shimmer at the center of your eyelids.

Take off the scotch tape and apply primer on your face to prime it. Use a concealer to lighten the dark areas of your face and even out the complexion. Set it with a translucent powder.

Then apply foundation using a damp beauty blender. Then highlight your face by using a nude concealer on the highest points of your face. Blend it well and then set it with a translucent powder.

Contour your face using a dark brown shade on the hollows of your cheeks and the circumference of your face. Blend it well using a damp beauty blender. Use a pressed powder to set it.

Before you finish your eye makeup, apply some translucent powder under your eyes. Use a dark brown shade to line your lower lashes and then smoke it out. Take the ivory, shimmer eyeshadow and apply it to highlight your brow bones and the inner corners.

Curl your lashes and apply mascara. Dust off the loose powder and apply blush on the apple of your cheeks. You can also use soft pink blush. Use a highlighter on the apple of your cheeks, chin, cupid’s bow and bridge of your nose.

Line your lips using a lip liner and then apply lip glow top complete the look.

Here is the video for the tutorial.