New Delhi: At a time when there can be a real fight over what meat is there on your plate, this can be music to the ears. According to reports, European restaurants may get the taste of printed meat from next year as Israeli and Spanish firms are working on the technology to produce meat from the 3-D printer. What! Like paper, the meat will now come straight from the printer to your plate? It sounds like that, but the case is not exactly as simple as that. Researches are going on to save the world from the huge Co2 emissions resulted by meat production. The printed meat will be either be based on plant sources or will be grown in a lab — so there will be no harmful effects like cholesterol etc.

According to the website of the startup that has come up with this novel idea, the technology combines propriety 3D meat modelling, food formulations and food printing technology to deliver a new category of complex-matrix meat in a cost-effective and scalable way.

Impossible it may sound, but using this technology meat has been grown for the first time in space. A small biopsy will be required to extract cells from the animal (whose meat you want to recreate). The cells are then placed in a broth of nutrients that will simulate an environment similar to the animal’s body. A thin piece of steak will be grown like this.