Vishu is the Hindu festival celebrated in Kerala as the beginning of the Malayalee New Year. It is celebrated on the first day of month called Medam which usually is the second week of April, this year, it falls on April 14. The festival is marked by a ritual called Vishukkani which is a family ritual wherein an assortment of auspicious things are viewed first thing in the morning of Vishu, it signifies prosperity that comes along with the New Year.

The assortment of auspicious things include rice, golden lemon, golden cucumber, coconut, jack fruit, areca nut, kajal, betel leaves, mirror, holy scriptures, money and gold is arranged in a metal vessel in front of lord Vishnu with a lamp lit to illuminate the room. The traditional custom follows an elderly person in the house lighting the lamp in the prayer room and then blindfolds and wakes each one up to see the Vishukkani at the first sight of the dawn and then greets the Vishu day.

Women get dressed up in the typical Kerala traditional way on this auspicious day. We share with you some simple tips to get ready for Vishu in the traditional way. (ALSO READ Fashion icon of the week Vidya Balan: 7 times Begum Jaan star looked ethereal in a saree!).

On this day women prefer to wear the traditional Kerala saree, which is known as the Kasavu saree. The saree is a handwoven off-white saree with gold border.  The saree can be paired with a similar off white and golden border blouse or with any other colored blouse. Drape the saree in the regular way. (ALSO READ How to wear a saree? Step-by-step guide to drape a saree the right way).

For the makeup, opt for something natural. Steer clear of anything that involves a lot of caking up. Instead opt for a simple base and the focus on the eye makeup. Fill in your eyebrows to make them look neat and sharp. Your eyebrows can make or break your look,  a little bit of effort goes a long way.

To define your eyes, use some kohl. Rim your waterline with kajal to get an intense look. Do not apply any other kind of eye makeup since we are aiming for a simple look. (ALSO READ How to apply kajal? 3 different ways to apply kohl for beautiful eyes).

Use a stick on bindi and apply a little bit of sandalwood paste on top of your bindi.

Apply lipstick in a light shade or opt for a tinted lip balm for a more natural look. (ALSO READ 15 life-changing lipstick hacks every woman needs to know).

To get the hair right, brush to get rid of knots and tangles and then take 2 inch sections from both sides of your head and braid them. Leave the rest of the hair open.

To accessorize wear gold bangles, a statement necklace, dangling jhumka and wear jasmine flowers in your hair, secure this with bobby pins.

Here is a video to help you ace the traditional look on Vishu.

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