Also called ‘sunshine vitamin’, vitamin D is crucial for your overall health. It is produced by your body when it comes in direct contact with the sunlight. This nutrient balances the right amount of calcium and phosphorus in the body. These are required for making your bones strong. A deficiency of vitamin D in the body can lead to inflammation in the bones and can make them brittle. It is significant to add vitamin D rich food in your daily diet to prevent bone fracture, risk of multiple sclerosis, diabetes, osteoporosis, and to improve your mood and lung function. Here, we give you enough reasons to have vitamin D rich food items. Also Read - Vitamin D Deficiency May Cause Depression And Bone Loss

Helps in the treatment of depression

A low level of vitamin D in the body has been found to lead to chronic stress and depression, says a study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine. So, having food like salmon, almond, egg yolk etc. can reduce depression by regulating your mood. Also Read - Experiencing Hair Loss? It May be a Symptom of Vitamin D Deficiency

Helps in weight loss

Consuming extra vitamin D keeps you satiated for long and prevents overeating. This way, it helps in weight loss. This is what a research published in the British Journal of Nutrition states. Also Read - Kidney Failure Could be Because of Excess Vitamin D

Contributes to healthy pregnancy

During pregnancy, women are usually suggested to take enough of vitamin D. This reduces their risk of developing pre-eclampsia. Also, this sunshine vitamin can prevent preterm delivery of your baby. According to experts in the field, a deficiency of vitamin D during pregnancy is linked to gestational diabetes and bacterial vaginosis.

Avoids osteoporosis

It is a condition that is characterised by brittle bones, a stooped posture, gradual loss of height, and back pain. Vitamin D is required by your body to absorb calcium and use it to keep your bones strong.