Coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented economic downfall and is still causing the damage. From our health system to lifestyle and the work structure, COVID-19 has created a huge change in almost every aspect of life The entire world is going through one of the worst hit pandemics that doesn’t seem to be vanishing soon. Also Read - Youth to be equipped with job skills: Kerala CM

People from lower section of society are struggling to manage their daily food requirement and keep themselves alive. On the other hand, individuals in various sectors are facing the painful reality of job loss and pay cuts. Uncertainties have become the reality of this tough situation. It has made it significant to have a plan B and developing new surviving skills. Also Read - Lack of job skills in new employees widespread: IBM study

If you are thinking, things will be back to normal post COVID-19 pandemic, you are probably mistaken. Its impacts are going to exist for long and we need to change ourselves accordingly. It is high time to utilize the lockdown period and try to develop certain skills that are going to be in high demand after we get over the pandemic. These are essential to grow in the professional world. Let’s know about those important skills one by one. Also Read - Under Modi govt focus is on providing job skills: Rudy

Being a Tech Savvy

A huge digital transformation has taken place during the pandemic. Technical skills pare helping people survive in their jobs. Most of the employees world-wide are working from home and managing things on calls. Daily online meetings and extensive social media connectivity have become reality. But this is not enough. In the future, we need to be prepared to face much worse situations and still resiliently grow in every possible way. So, now is the time to develop the interest and aptitude to learn about new tools and skills. Internet controlled operations and artificial intelligence are going to be the future.

Ability to be Flexible And Adaptive to Changes

Workplaces are going to evolve with time. Things are going to be more and more complex and pressurizing. You need to develop skills to adapt to these awaiting changes in a smooth manner so that you do not feel an added pressure. For example, work from home is going to stay. To be an asset to your organisation, start preparing yourself to adapt quickly to changes.

Innovative Mind

Now virtual has become the new reality. Organisations or companies that are able to come up with innovative ideas to deliver services online are in demand. Currently, creativity is what’s helping in gaining profit. Innovations can take you to new heights. The better you can dream and turn it into reality, the higher your possibility to succeed.

Leadership Skills

A team doesn’t need a boss but a good leader. The latter can lead a team positively even during the situation of crisis and can motivate employees to work harder and perform in the best possible way. However, a boss can never do such things. A person with strong leadership skills can sail through tough times and can emerge victorious. In the current situation, when people are working distantly, it is quite challenging to manage a team and make things work. Only an inspiring and able leader can survive this situation and can bring best in others.