Six pack abs are a byproduct of consistent exercises. Those workouts do not only boost your confidence but also make your core strong. And, a strong core makes daily tasks easy to perform. But, getting six-pack abs is not easy. It requires you to do particular painful exercises in the gym on a regular basis. To make your core muscles appealing, you need to indulge in some uphill tasks. Here we tell you about them.

Dead Bug

It is performed to strengthen and stabilize your core muscles. Also, it prevents the spine and back injury. Even if you wish to improve your left-right coordination, perform dead bug.

To do it, firstly you need to lie down on your back. Keep your arms above your head in a straight position and make a 90-degree angle using your knee and hips. Now, you need to lower your left leg and extend the right hand back at the same time. Do not let it touch the ground. Then return to the starting position. Keep your core tight during the exercise. Repeat the exercise with another leg and hand.

Pull- Up

It is a strengthening workout that improves the muscles of your core, back, and shoulder. The better you grip is in the pull-up exercise, the more you will be benefitted by that. If you want it to impact your abs and biceps more than the back, face your palms towards your body. Facing them outwards will benefit your abs and biceps more than the biceps.

To do a pull-up, you need to keep your arms straight and hold a pull bar. Then, pull yourself upwards till your chin reaches the bar. Repeat it at least 10 times.

Hand Style Plank

It is like a regular plank with just a minor difference. Here, you need to keep your fist locked instead of open to create required tension in your core muscles. In this plank, intensity and body engagement is more.

To do it, you need to lie down on your belly. Keep your forearms in a plank position. Make sure your fists are balled up. Remain in this position for as long as you can.