Used in aromatherapy, spikenard essential oil has an array of health and beauty benefits. Belonging to the valerian family, this essential oil has a rich fragrance. From alleviating anxiety and stress to treating insomnia, and helping in getting rid of depression, spikenard essential oil does it all for you. It is known to be a historical medicinal tool with both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has some spiritual uses as well. Here we tell you why you should use this extremely essential oil. Also Read - Want to Get Rid of Acne And Excessive Cholesterol? Use Bergamot Essential Oil

Relieves insomnia

Spikenard essential oil has both sedative and laxative properties that are known to help in falling asleep without any difficulty. Also, its application can help you get rid of anxiety and restlessness, factors responsible for insomnia. Moreover, certain digestive issues like indigestion, stomach pain, etc. contribute to insomnia and spikenard essential oil helps in the treatment of these health problems by stimulating your digestive system. Also Read - Want to Promote Hair Growth And Relieve Insomnia? Opt For Spikenard Essential Oil

Prevents and treats bacterial and fungal infections

According to a research conducted at the Western Regional Research Center, spikenard essential oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties due to which it prevents the growth of bacteria on the skin. Also, in the case of a wound, it can kill the bacteria and enhance the healing process. If you are at a greater risk of developing bacterial infections in the urethra, kidneys, and urinary bladder, spikenard essential oil is what you need to use. Also Read - Erectile Dysfunction: Best Essential Oils to Get Rid of The Condition

Helps get rid of stress

Having a relaxing and soothing effect, spikenard essential oil acts as a sedative agent and calms your mind and body. Being a natural coolant, this oil can help you bid adieu to anger, which is known to a major contributor to the onset of stress. Also, this essential oil has been found to sedate feelings of restlessness and depression.