Extracted from the rinds of the bergamot fruit, bergamot essential oil has a distinctive aroma. The fruit is believed to belong from Southeast Asia, however, now it is grown worldwide. It has a citrusy scent and is associated with an array of health and beauty benefits. The oil is used for aromatherapy and can help you get rid of acne and other skin problems. Here, we tell you about its benefits in detail.Also Read - Want to Promote Hair Growth And Relieve Insomnia? Opt For Spikenard Essential Oil

Treats oily skin

Bergamot oil is known to clean your skin due to its astringent properties. Overactive sebum production is the cause behind oily skin and it can be reduced with the use of the bergamot essential oil. By penetrating deep in the skin, it can help you unclog your skin. If you think, use of bergamot oil can make your skin dry, you are mistaken. It doesn’t have such an effect. Also Read - Erectile Dysfunction: Best Essential Oils to Get Rid of The Condition

Reduces stress

Stress is one of the leading causes behind an array of health conditions including, migraine attack, depression, etc. According to a research published in the journal Forschende Komplementarmedizin, inhaling bergamot oil mixed with water vapour can potentially help you bid adieu to anxiety and fatigue. Aromatherapy with bergamot oil is also associated with alleviated depression and a good mood. Also Read - Surprising Beauty Benefits of Cinnamon Essential Oil

Reduces Inflammation and pain

Bergamot oil contains compounds called linalool and carvacrol. These compounds have found to have analgesic, anticonvulsant, and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. This is what a research published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences states.

Promotes hair growth

If you are experiencing weather induces breakage and frizz in your hair, bergamot essential oil is what you need to use. This oil can help you get rid of the dryness and will add shine to your hair. It actually stimulates the cell renewal process on the scalp and removes the dead skin. This is how this oil opens your hair follicles and helps in hair growth.