Pregnancy comes with an array of physical and emotional changes that seem to be difficult to manage. But, somehow almost every woman manages to tackle the condition. At this crucial time, you need to be extremely aware of what to eat and what not to. This is important because even a small mistake can be hazardous for your little bundle of joy. Food plays a significant role in each and every aspect of life. While the intake of the right food can make your child smart and healthy, the wrong food can drastically affect her growth and development. Watch this video to know about things you should avoid consuming during pregnancy.

In case, you wish to have a brainy child, you need to make your diet full of food that are known to increase the cognitive skills of the unborn child in the womb itself. Read further to know about such food.

Fatty fishes

Being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fatty fishes including mackerel and salmon can help in the development of your child’s brain. For better effects, you should eat around two or more servings of fatty fishes per week. Also, have oysters to keep the iodine level optimum in your child.

Green leafy vegetables

A nutrient called folic acid can help prevent your child’s brain from tissue damage. And this nutrient is present in food including lentils and spinach. Additionally, it can reduce the risk of neural tube defects in your baby.


Containing amino acid, eggs can easily improve your child’s brain development and cognitive skills. Eggs are also known to be jam-packed with protein, which can help in muscle growth. Always go for unpasteurised eggs, especially while you are pregnant as others may contain harmful bacteria.


Almonds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for your child’s brain development, as explained earlier. If you wish to deliver an intelligent child, eat a fistful of almonds every day during pregnancy. Also, they contain important nutrients like protein, fats, magnesium, and vitamin E.