Who doesn’t like to have well-groomed nails and perfect skin? Everyone does. Right? Though most of the people do not consider nails, an important part of self-care, it definitely is. Keeping nails healthy and beautiful helps you get an attractive appearance. The condition of your nails speaks a lot about you and your underlying health condition. Not keeping your nails healthy can not only act as a barrier in your overall appearance but also increase your risk of developing a bacterial infection. This doesn’t mean that you need to visit a fancy parlour frequently and spend a lot to get beautiful nails. Here, we tell you about a few things that you can consider to make your nails look good. Also Read - Esha Gupta Nails Her Hot Denim Look in The Sexiest Way Possible

Trim your nails regularly

Keeping your nails not too long is important as not doing so can make you susceptible to injury. Long nails become weak and also break easily. So, you are advised to not keep your nails longer than 1 or 2mm. Trim and file your nails regularly to avoid any problem.

Brush them

Brushing nails help in cleaning the areas where it feels difficult to reach and flush out germs. You can use a scrubber to reach the nail bed and clean it. It is important to bid adieu to the hidden germs to keep your nails healthy.

Do not bite nails

This is one of the bad habits that most people generally have. Biting nails is a sign of stress and anxiety. A few individuals do this out of habit. This can make your nails uneven and unattractive. Additionally, biting nails can make you swallow unwanted and harmful microbes present on your nails.

Never cut your cuticles

Cuticles provide protection against infections. So, you must not cut them. Also, cutting them can cause redness and pain in the area and can lead to discomfort.