The food you eat has a great impact on the way you look. Also, the lifestyle you follow also has a significant role to play in your appearance. There are various beauty products available in the market to make your skin glow but the effect food can have on it is just amazing. For your skin to look healthy, you need to hunt for things that can enhance your beauty from inside and not just outside. So, a healthy and well-balanced diet is something that must be considered in this regard. Expensive beauty products may help you hide the dark spots and wrinkles temporarily but the right food can give a long-lasting solution. Natural skin treatment can go a long way and is safer to use. So, here we list a few food that you must include in your daily diet to get the required results.


Being rich in dietary antioxidants including vitamin B1, B3, B6, and C1, potato can clean your skin and give it the much-needed glow. Notably, vitamin C is knwon to increase the production of collagen, which is associated with improved skin quality. Potato is also jam-packed with zinc, that can remove the impurities and heal the damaged skin. To use potato, you just need to cut it in pieces and rub them on your face. Do it regularly to get the results soon.


Having strong anti-bacterial properties, honey can prevent the onset of pimples and other skin conditions. Also, if you have scars or uneven skin tone, you can apply honey on the affected area as its bleaching property can help you get rid of them.


As mentioned earlier, collagen is essential for an improved skin condition. And, antioxidants present in avocado can help flush out the harmful free radicals that are knwon to damage collagen. It also contains vitamins A, D, and E that can easily penetrate deep into the skin and help get rid of the tanning. To get the required results, you can grind avocado with honey and carrier oil. Then, apply the mask on your face. Remove the mask with cold water after 15 minutes.