Extracted from the seeds of the soybean plants, soybean oil is incredibly versatile. It is not only used for cooking methods like roasting, frying, and baking, but also for improving your overall health. This vegetable oil has been linked to an array of health benefits. It is considered an excellent source of energy. Having a high smoking point of around 230°C, soybean oil is a good option for high-heat cooking. Here we give you enough reasons to use this oil in your daily diet. Also Read - Dieting And Exercising Together May Impact Your Bone Health, Reveals Study

Supports bone health

Soybean oil is packed with vitamin K, which is known to regulate bone metabolism. According to a study published in the Clinical Cases in Mineral and Bone Metabolism, vitamin K is required for the synthesis of a protein called osteocalcin which is vital for maintaining bone mass. Various studies have already linked the lower level of vitamin K with a low density of bone mineral in women. Also, it increases your risk of experiencing bone fractures. Also Read - Mustard, soybean oils up on millers' buying

Prevents chronic conditions

Containing stearidonic acid, intake of soybean oil can increase the level of omega-3 fatty acids in your blood. Notably, omega-3 fatty acids are already associated with improved brain function, immunity, heart health, etc. Most of the chronic conditions are a result of inflammation and this fatty acid reduces that and reduces the risk of developing health ailments like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. Also Read - Soy milk, tofu can boost women's bone health: Study

Promotes skin health

Soybean oil is used to make various skincare products like body lotion, gels, serum, etc. It provides various benefits related to skin. Applying soybean oil on your skin can retain your body moisture and act as a natural barrier against dust particles. Soybean oil has also been known to provide protection against the inflammation caused by ultraviolet radiation.