Are you constantly fighting with feelings of emptiness and lack of sexual drive? Does the idea of hitting a bed with your partner doesn’t excite you anymore? If your answer is a plain yes, you need to look for effective ways to enhance your sexual experience.Also Read - Stop Eating These 5 Foods That Are Killing Your Sex Drive!

There are various ways to boost your libido. And one of them is to eat bananas. Yes, you read it right. They have been associated with sex due to their shape. But it is not the only thing that helps you think of intimate moments. It is actually filled with various nutrients that help in Increasing your confidence and bed experience too. Also Read - Here are the 5 worst habits that can kill your sex drive!

Here is how this fruit can make you a pro in bed: Also Read - Experiencing low sex drive? 10 superfoods to boost your libido!

Improves your mood

Being rich in an α-amino acid called tryptophan, bananas can lift your mood up. It works by increasing the production of a happy hormone called serotonin. Apart from making you happy, this chemical is capable of regulating your libido too. For better effects in this regard, have two bananas just before the act.

Increases the testosterone level

Being jam-packed with a nutrient called potassium, bananas can help improve the production of testosterone hormone in men. It is a male sex hormone that plays a vital role in improving your sex drive and helping you last longer in bed.

Boosts your energy level

Energy is needed while you are having sex. And, having a good amount of carbohydrates, bananas can keep you energetic during the act. Bananas also increase the circulation of blood in the genitals and arouse you enough to hit the bed passionately.

Boosts prostrate health

Banans contain two important mineral namely magnesium and manganese. They are usually found in low amount in men but are necessary for a good prostrate health. This clearly means that eating bananas regularly can help your reproductive organs to perform better while you are getting intimate.