Ageing is an inevitable process. You cannot escape it. Still, looking for ways to age gracefully is no a bad idea. That is why the beauty market always seems to be occupied with people. There is an array of products that claim to have anti-ageing properties. But, opting for anything and everything is not a good idea. You need to make an informed choice when it comes to equipping your beauty arsenal with anti-ageing products. There are certain ingredients that are known to have the ability to resist the time to leave a prominent mark on your face. Read on to know about them. Also Read - Stop Smoking And Drinking Alcohol or Get Ready to Welcome Ageing Too Early


It is one of the anti-ageing ingredients that exist in your body cells in a small amount. It is known to prevent two most prominent signs of ageing namely wrinkle formation and sagging. Copper works by holding the proteins present in the skin together. Also Read - Top 5 Stories of The Day: Ek Villain's Sequel, Atrangi Re, Ageing Sylvester Stallone

Glycolic acid

When you are buying an anti-ageing beauty product, make sure it has glycolic acid in it. This exfoliant makes you look younger for long by removing the dead skin cells. Also, it makes your skin texture smooth and helps in the efficient removal of fine lines. Moreover, glycolic acid maintains the elasticity of the skin. Also Read - A Simple Act of Kindness Can Slow Down Ageing

Green tea

Having anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, green tea can protect your skin from free radicals that are known to intensify ageing. Green tea has certain flavonoids that prevent the breakage of skin proteins due to sunburn. Also, these flavonoids contribute to the regeneration of skin cells.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the strong anti-oxidants that work best against fine lines and wrinkles. UV rays and environmental pollution are considered to be two major reasons behind ageing and intake of vitamin C is known to guard your skin against these.