Also known as Gur, jaggery is a natural sweetener. Used in making various desserts, jaggery serves many therapeutic purposes. It is of golden brown color and contains sucrose for sweetening. Containing an array of essential nutrients like proteins, potassium, fiber, and calories, jaggery is prepared from sugarcane juice. Considered as an excellent remedy for weight loss, jaggery is made by boiling sugarcane juice, cooling it, and then pouring in another container to crystalize.Also Read - 5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Sugar in Your Coffee With Jaggery Now

It contributes to weight loss by controlling water retention, a factor responsible for weight gain. Also, jaggery maintains electrolyte balance and improves the body’s metabolism with the help of vitamins and minerals present in it. Jaggary is mostly eaten during winters as it keeps the body warm. Here, we give you enough reasons to add jaggery in your daily diet. Also Read - Gur prices remain quiet in thin trade BIZ-JAGGERY-REPORT Gur prices remain quiet in thin trade

Improves Digestion

Poor digestion is associated with weight gain. When your body becomes unable to flush out waste, your body’s metabolism rate becomes slow and this is what makes it difficult to burn calories and causes weight gain. And having jaggery can promote digestion by activating enzymes in the intestine and stimulating bowel movements. If you are suffering from constipation, jaggery can help you. Also Read - .NewDelhi DCM36 BIZ-JAGGERY-REPORT Gur prices fall on rising stocks, weak demand

Detoxifies Body

Acting as a natural cleansing agent, jaggery can flush out toxins from the body and clean it. Notably, harmful substances in the body, when accumulated, can cause inflammation and can further lead to weight gain.

Boosts Immunity

Being jam-packed with antioxidants, zinc, and selenium, jaggery can boost your immunity and prevent damage from free radicals. Its daily consumption can increase your body’s resistance against infections. Also, jaggery is knwon to increase the total count of hemoglobin in the blood.

Relieves Joint Pain

According to doctors in the field, having jaggery can provide you relief from joint pain and aches. Having a glass of milk with jaggery in it, every day, can actually strengthen your bones and prevent the onset of ailments associated with bones and joints like arthritis.