November 21: All India Backchod is back with another rib-ticklingly hilarious video. The most loved comedy ensemble in India teaches us some dope Bollywood marketing skills in their latest video ‘Every Bollywood Marketing Meeting Ever’. The video featuring AIB’s Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya, as well as fellow stand up comedian Abish Matthew, takes us to a typical brainstorming session of the marketing team of an upcoming Bollywood film ‘Gilli Gilli Akka’.

Bhat plays the bullish producer who is threatening his marketing team to come up with original ideas to create buzz about the film, to which the team responds with a lot of ‘teaser’, ‘motion poster’ ideas. The team ultimately decides to launch a tried-and-tested social media challenge, which seem to be quite the rage with the youth, making them go ‘Yaaaaas queen!’ The producer ultimately comes up with the Lafzon pe twerk challenge- never mind that it doesn’t make sense. It has one trendy English word and is a challenge.

But the challenge backfires spectacularly as a lot of people are injured while performing the challenge. The team then resorts to another fool proof marketing hack- the hashtag! The banter to come up with the perfect hashtag involves some hilarious commentary on Bollywood actresses’ wariness of being called ‘feminists’. The video also takes a dig on Ranveer Singh and his ‘whacky’ ways, hinting at probable drug abuse as the reason behind the actor’s ludicrous behaviour. ALSO READ: Mallika Dua & Tanmay Bhat host ‘Flirty Messaging League’: What follows is pure hilarity! (Watch Video)

The most hilarious point of the video?- when the producer (Bhat) mentions Fawad Khan, and everyone breaks into a spontaneous group orgasm and stops only after they are reminded that he is a Pakistani! Watch this video for the signature satire style of All India Backchod, who are known for their quirky and brutally honest take on all contemporary issues.