Many parts of the country are experiencing its first showers of this season. Rains bring the much-needed respite from hot, sweltering summer but, it also brings with it a number of illnesses. If you are someone who has low immunity, this is particularly a bad time for you. Seasonal flu, cough and cold, stomach infections because of food and water contamination, dengue, leptospirosis etc. are all too common in this weather. It can be challenging for the body to adapt to these sudden cool temperatures. The chances of infections are also high. All this makes it difficult for many of us to smoothly transition into monsoon. Thankfully, there are certain foods you can eat to reduce your risk of suffering from such illnesses. Here are some of those that you can load up on.Also Read - Peppers, Yoghurt And Other Food Items You Should Add in Your Diet To Boost Immunity

Ginger: You must have this magical Indian herb in all its forms: raw, in the form a pickle, in soups or ayurvedic kadhas, teas, in your meals etc. Ginger has the ability of produce heat in the body which helps keep it warm and gives relief from the cold weather. Sip on a hot cup of ginger chai but boiling together chopped ginger with tea leaves and sugar. You could also make a ginger tisane by just boiling ginger in water and then drinking this while it is hot. You could also add honey, another immunity-boosting ingredient to it for taste. Also Read - IMD Predicts Enhanced Rainfall In These States From June 27. Check Full Forecast Here

Tusli: With its powerful antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties, tulsi or the holy basil is a very useful ingredient for good health especially in the monsoon. Just chew on some tulsi leaves or add them to your tea for added benefits. You must make sure that you are washing and cleaning the leaves thoroughly before eating them. Also Read - 7 Vitamins and Minerals One Should Take Daily For Good Health

Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits: Local seasonal vegetables and fruits are loaded with nutrients that help you fight diseases that are common in the monsoon. All the vegetables from the gourd family, fruits that have vitamin c etc. are excellent choices for monsoon. So make sure you have these every day.