The popcorn and coke combo is for movies, what your bae probably is for your Netflix and chill plans. You’ll have a good time even without them, but you’ll always feel like something is missing. When we think about watching a film at a multiplex, the food is one of the first things that comes to mind. But going to the movies can be quite an unhealthy affair.Also Read - Forget Free Ka Khaana! Bride Asks Guests to Pay Rs 7370 For Food at Wedding & We've Lost Our Appetite

You always feel tempted and end up ordering extra butter on your popcorn. Then there’s the smell of warm caramel that gets you every single time and you unthinkingly order another box of caramel and cheese pop corn. By the time you know it, you’ve downed thousands of unhealthy calories without even realizing. If you’re a movie buff who never misses a single flick, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Indian Multiplexes have hardly been havens of healthy food. ALSO READ: There’s a new Glocal Junction in town and we tried out their food and drinks Also Read - How to Eat Nutritious Food This Festive Season, Chef Vikas Khanna Shares Tips

But Chef Vicky Ratnani has taken it upon himself to change all that. Ratnani, who owns The Korner House in Bandra, Mumbai and also appears on NDTV’s cooking show Vicky Goes Non Veg has designed a special healthy menu for Inox Lesisure’s Insignia- a seven star luxury cinema experience. Ratnani has curated a gourmet menu, made up of healthy dishes prepared from local produce, reimagining global flavours. The menu was launched at CR2 Mall, INOX in Nariman Point, Mumbai on Thursday. Also Read - Nuts, Seeds and Plant Oils Protect from Heart and Other Diseases, Says a Study

We got a sneak peek into the Insignia, INOX’s signature experience and here’s what we thought:



Credits: INOX official Twitter handle

First things first- big ups to Ratnani for designing a menu that has an entire section dedicated to dishes that are prepared in a healthy way. At the start of the movie, we were served with a box of fox nuts or makhana (Rs 250) that had been roasted and with sea salt and pepper. We thought it was an ingenious substitute for pop corn- loaded with proteins and containing almost no calories- not to mention, delightfully tasty! ALSO READ: Restaurant review: Is the newest Social in Mumbai really worth your while?

Next, we were served with a platter that had samples of several foods present on the menu. These include Mumbai toasties (Rs 190), bite-sized toasts topped with spiced potatoes, minced garlic and cheddar cheese; a Burrito Wrap called Biryitto (Rs 280) with biryani rice, lettuce and veggies for stuffing; Hariyali Spiced Biryani (Rs 290), basmati rice cooked with marinated vegetables and served with raita; Twice Baked Khichdi (Rs 290), that was topped with baked yogurt and papad crispie; a burger slider with a potato patty between sesame buns and, Rejuvenating, a cucumber, mint and spinach smoothie.

All in all, everything on the platter tasted perfectly delicious, except perhaps the khichdi that was a little too bland for our taste. The Biryani was perfectly flavourful and the Biryitto was an absolutely winner with the soft tortilla stuffed with veggies and biryani rice. The cucumber, mint and spinach smoothie was also delicious, with the minty flavour standing out in this healthy earthy drink. The menu gets two thumbs up from us, as far as innovating for health , as well as the taste, goes. ALSO READ: Baroke: A lounge in Mumbai that takes you back in time!

Other things in the menu worth mentioning are pop corn (Rs 270) that come in three unique flavours- sweet chilli BBQ, cheesy gunpowder and habanero tobasco, a gourmet cheese platter (Rs 490) with various kinds of cheeses like gouda, red chili cheddar and crackers, Mac and Cheese (Rs280) and Maggi on Steroids (Rs 230), a healthy twist to India’s most loved noodles with added garden fresh vegetables.

The Movie Experience

The overall movie experience at Insignia was undeniably the best we’ve ever got in any theater. From plush leather recliner chairs that can be adjusted through a console and on-call butlers who are ever-ready to serve you throughout the movie, Insignia did not leave anything to be desired. We did experience some problems with adjusting the head rest of the chair, but the overall comfort more than made up for it. The staff is friendly, efficient and polite and the picture and sound quality is excellent.

Our Verdict

Inox has done a tremendous job in introducing this seven star movie experience to India and we’ll definitely recommend die-hard movie buffs to head to Insignia for their next movie outing. Trust us when we say, this is better than your best stay-in movie plans you’ll ever make. The ticket prices start from Rs 330 for a morning show and can go upto as much as Rs 980, for an evening 3-D show.

This gourmet menu and luxury movie experience is only available at INOX Insignia, Nariman Point, CR2, CR2 Mall, Barrister Rajni Patel Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai.

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