Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard about the health benefits of green tea by now. The world-renowned drink is known for its health benefits and its antioxidants help prevent us from several ailments including cancer. Even so, there are people who do not like the taste of green tea as they find it to be bitter or too bland. And if you are a green tea connoisseur, you’d probably want to try all kinds of green tea there are out there, just like us. This time, we laid our hands on an Indian tea brand called Teamonk Global that has an eclectic collection of green teas to offer and they certainly did not disappoint. We tried seven different flavors of green tea from their collection and here’s how they fared for us.Also Read - Can Green Tea Help in Reducing the Weight? Here’s What the Expert Says

The tea leaves

The best part about Teamonk Global green tea is that you can buy loose green tea leaves which means you get the pure flavor and benefits of them. The leaves are dried and when steeped in hot water, they open up to reveal their distinct flavor and color. What’s interesting is that you can drink the tea without having to strain out the leaves and keep refilling your cup until the flavor diminishes, which is at least after two full refills. The leaves stay at the bottom of the cup rather than floating on top which is what makes it easy to refill without straining them out. Also Read - Should Children Drink Green Tea? Here's What We Know

Making the green tea

Teamok Global comes with a brewing kit that consists of a wooden spoon for measuring and adding the leaves to your cup and a timer as well set for two minutes. First add the leaves into your cup and then pour hot water over them. Use the sand timer to allow it to steep. Once done, you can sip and enjoy your cuppa. (ALSO SEE Beauty benefits of green tea) Also Read - Should You Take Green Tea at Night or Right Before Hitting Bed? Here's What we Know

The flavors

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If you’ve always complained about green tea being bitter or getting bored of the usual taste, Teamonk Global’s flavored green teas are your best bet. The variety includes options like peppermint, ginger, lemon, orange, spearmint, lemongrass and jasmine. We tried all of them and were pleasantly surprised. The whiff when you open the packet is aromatic and authentic to the flavor and the same is then translated to your cup as well. Our favorites remain orange and peppermint.

The Sozen Orange Green Tea is a beautiful blend of fine green tea leaves blended with natural dehydrated orange zest. Sozen means genuine and this flavor is true to its name. Just 2g of tea leaves are enough for 200 ml of water but if you like a dark brew, add some more. The perfect amalgamation of orange and green tea adds freshness as well as a strong aroma to your cuppa.

The Seiki Peppermint Green Tea is another fresh brew that aids digestion besides leaving a fresh, minty flavor in your mouth. The tea leaves are from Nilgiris and the brew will leave you feeling energised and light not mention how fresh your breath will smell. This flavor is one of the strongest and is perfect for both green tea lovers and non-lovers as well.

If you like a light brew and want soothing flavors, opt for lemon or jasmine that add a distinct taste but do not overpower the green tea taste. We did like lemongrass too but the twigs kept coming in the mouth so if you are trying this one, we suggest you strain out the liquid before pouring it in your cup. Always remember, you don’t need boiling water to make green tea as it can hamper the taste. Simply use hot water when brewing a cuppa. Overall, we loved our daily green tea sessions trying different flavors each day and recommend you to try these as well.

Price: Teamonk Global green tea is priced at Rs 400 for 100g and Rs 450 for 30 teabags

Teamonk Global green teas are available online on Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal. You can also pick them up from Godrej Nature’s Basket in Bangalore. The brand also offers teabags. For more information, visit their website teamonkglobal.com

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