The wedding season is all set to arrive in November. And, many of you must have planned to be a bride soon in the coming month. If your pandit has finalized the date and just a month is left in your marriage, you need to pace up. Now is the time to make a month-long routine to be slim and fit for your big day. In case you want to fit into your gorgeous lehenga, you can indulge in a strategic fitness routine. Apart from keeping a check on your food, here are some of the exercises that you can do to have a glow on your face and to get a toned and perfect body shape.

Week 1 (High-intensity interval training and Pilates)

These two type of exercises should be done on alternate days. High-intensity interval training will help you push your limits and reach your upper capacity. It includes cardio sessions with intense exercises and low-intensity recovery periods. On the other hand, Pilates, which is a low impact workout, will help you strengthen your core muscles and spine. It will also improve the strength of your muscles, flexibility, posture and mobility.

Week 2 (Zumba and yoga)

Now that the exercises done in the first week have made your body used to the intensive moves and sweat, it is time to shake your entire body at once and let all the body muscles work together. Zumba dance can make you feel free and yet the weight loss session will keep on running. It can help you shed those extra kilos effectively while you enjoy the fun workout. On the other hand, yoga will calm you down the next day. It will also improve your body movement and flexibility. Yoga will give you enough time to unwind the hectic routine of your big day preparations.

Week 3 (Pilates and cross-fit)

In the third week, you will be focusing on toning your body, improving its strength, and doing functional exercises at high intensity. This will improve your physical, mental, and emotional condition. While Pilates will improve your movement and strength, Crossfit will increase your body’s capacity to tolerate immense physical pressure

Week 4 (Sunrise yoga)

Practicing yoga early in the morning can improve your physical and mental health. Also, it can improve your sleep habits. Yoga poses can increase the secretion of happy hormones in the brain taht can keep you happy and content. Moreover, early morning yoga can boost your body’s metabolism and help your body tune with natural rhythms.