Getting ready to kick off your shoes and settle in to enjoy the weekend? It’s good to relax, go out and socialize after a tiring week but while doing so, you must make sure that you’re not letting your health and weight loss goals for a toss. Whether it is your diet, exercise, beauty or any other aspect of your life, weekends should be utilized well to ensure that you’re ready to take on the next week with extra vigour. Use this time to rejuvenate yourself and show yourself some TLC. Also Read - Game of Thrones’ Lovebirds Kit Harington Aka Jon Snow - Rose Leslie Aka Ygritte Welcome Their First Child

1) Drinking and bingeing: Don’t tax your body with alcohol and food no matter how tempting it seems. Several research studies have shown that even a day of heavy drinking and overeating can cause several health problems including obesity. Keep your drinking to a minimum. Eat out but with caution. Also Read - Game of Thrones' Fans' Rejoice! GOT Likely To Have Animated Spin-Off Based on 'Fire And Blood'

2) Skipping exercising: It is definitely not a good idea to exercise every day of the week because you can tire yourself. You must take a break for a day or two depending on your workout regime and weight loss goal. Most of us tend to skip exercising on weekends. This is in fact the perfect time to exercise. Why? Your body is much more relaxed and you have plenty of time to work out. You should in fact, increase the intensity or duration of your exercise because your body can recuperate. Also Read - Good News For Game of Thrones Fans! HBO Max Confirms Release of Prequel House of the Dragon | Here's When To Expect

3) Getting up late: Irregular sleep timings even on one day can play havoc with your sleep pattern. Poor sleep has been linked to obesity. You could even suffer from headaches and migraines. Sleep and get up at the same time on weekends to ensure that your body can function normally.

4) Binge-watching series and movies: Catching up on all the Game of Thrones episodes during the weekend? There are multiple reasons why you shouldn’t. Binge-watching has been associated with serious health complications like obesity, dry eyes syndrome, blurry vision, headaches and social isolation.