Garlic is a significant part of Indian kitchens. It doesn’t only give a nice flavour to your food but also adds innumerable benefits to it. From reducing inflammation to increasing blood circulation, and boosting immunity, garlic does it all for you. Additionally, this staple ingredient is associated with weight loss benefits. Yes, its daily consumption can help you get the body of your dreams. Powerful compounds present in it can help in weight management. Also Read - Weight Loss: Not Workouts, These Lifestyles Changes Can Help You Shed Those Extra Kilos

During the ongoing lockdown, almost everyone’s lifestyle has become sedentary. And, that’s what leading to weight gain. One of the easiest ways to control the fat accumulation is by having a cup of ginger tea in the morning every day. It can keep you in shape and prevent you from common infections too. Here we tell you how exactly garlic helps in shedding those extra kilos. Also Read - Weight Loss: Ditch These Morning Habits if You Wish to Avoid Gaining Weight

  • Garlic boosts energy level and helps in efficient calorie burning. It assists in losing weight by improving your body’s metabolism. Also, garlic is itself quite low in calories but high in nutrition.
  • Additionally, garlic is known to be an appetite suppressant. Its daily consumption can keep you satiated for long and reduce likelihood of overeating. This is how it controls calorie consumption.
  • Garlic also helps in efficient burning of fat. This is what a research published in the Journal of Nutrition states.
  • This popular kitchen ingredient has strong detoxifying properties that help on flushing out toxins from the body. Notably, toxins are known to cause digestive problems. They hamper your body’s metabolism and also disrupt the level of insulin in the blood.

Weight Loss: Steps to Prepare Garlic Tea

  • To make garlic tea, you will need around 3 garlic cloves, a piece of ginger, honey, water, and a teaspoon of lemon juice.
  • Firstly, boil the water in a pan and then transfer it to a cup. Also add a piece of ginger in the boiled water.
  • Now, add crushed garlic, honey, and lemon juice in the water.
  • Stir nicely and enjoy your healthy morning tea.
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