Weight loss is one of the most searched terms on the Internet today. Everyone wants to be fit and fine. In order to do so, they remain ready to try anything. When it comes to weight loss, there is a plethora of dietary habits and ways that can help you get the figure of your dreams. Popular fad diets claim to help in quick weight loss. Some of them are backed by science and therefore they are safe to try. But, a few diets are really weird and there is no scientific proof about their effectiveness. Still, people use them as they are only concerned about the end result. Here, we will talk about a few really creepy and weird diets that were quite popular back in time. Also Read - Weight Loss: Drink Coconut Water to Get in Shape

The Tapeworm Diet

People used to follow the tapeworm diet in the 20th century. The common belief behind it was that tapeworm can swallow all your fat in the body and help you shed those extra kilos. Due to increasing popularity, this fad diet was started to be sold as tablets. However, soon people started to complain of suffering from memory loss, seizures, and meningitis after following the tapeworm diet. That is the reason why the US government finally put a ban on the use of this diet. Also Read - Weight Loss: Turmeric, Indian Spice That Can Offer You a Flat Tummy

The Cotton Ball Diet

Popular in the 1930s, the cotton ball diet was believed to prevent overeating and help in weight loss. Those following it, used to eat cotton balls after dipping them in smoothies or juices, thinking that it will create a feeling of fullness. The cotton ball diet is extremely dangerous as cotton balls can potentially block and damage your gastrointestinal tract. Also, eating them can damage your internal organs as they are made up of bleached polyester. Also Read - Weight Loss: Opt For Super Carb Diet to Get a Slim Body

The Slimming Soap Diet

This is actually not a diet but it is referred to as one. People following the slimming soap diet used to scrub slimming soap containing seaweed, on their fat accumulated areas while taking a bath. Apparently, it helps in washing off all the fat.