Weight loss is a time-taking process that requires right effort in right direction. If you are having healthy foods and doing calorie burning exercises to keep your body slim, there are certain lifestyle habits, you need to be away from. Some commonly noticed morning habits are known to hinder your weight loss journey. If you wish to keep shedding those extra kilos, beware of these habits that can cause weight loss plateau. Also Read - Watch: This 20-Minute Strength And Conditioning Session Will Help You in Weight Loss


Sleeping too much is indirectly associated with weight gain. According to experts in the field, oversleeping can lead to psychological issues like anxiety, depression and other mood related problems. As a result of which, you may start finding a comfort zone in having food and begin to binge eat. This can cause overeating that results in weight loss. Also Read - Weight Loss: Practice These Dance Styles Amidst Lockdown to Burn Calories And Avoid Fat Accumulation

Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast can impact your metabolism negatively. In order to keep you energetic throughout the day, your body may start digesting food slowly and that can lead to weight gain. Also, you may feel lethargic as a result. This can lead to an urge to have junk food which we know is associated with weight gain. Also Read - Did You Know Lettuce Can Help in Weight Loss And Promote Brain Health?

Not having enough water

Water consumption is one of the best ways to keep your metabolism on track and lose weight effectively. It also prevents overeating by keeping you satiated for long. Keeping your body hydrated helps in burning calories and flush out toxins from the system. Additionally, water helps in proper digestion.

Not doing meditation

Current lifestyle and the work pressure are known to put a lot of pressure on people. And, stress is already linked to weight gain. Simply doing early morning meditation can keep you away from this psychological problem and prevent weight gain. It works by decreasing level of cortisol hormone in the body.