Are you willing to workout but your hectic lifestyle is not letting you hit a gym? No need to worry. Your household work will do the needful. The basic idea behind burning calories is to keep yourself active. And that can be done by simply mopping or doing laundry. Yes, you read it right. Doing household chores in the right way can help you strengthen your muscles and burn calories effectively. Here we give a list of those activities that can act as weight loss exercises and keep you fit.Also Read - Weight Loss: Opt For These Seeds To Get A Slim Body


Do you know that doing laundry is equivalent to 100 sit-ups? Yes, laundry is a demanding process that includes loading and unloading of the washing machine. It also includes hanging clothes for them to dry and then folding them to keep at the right place. This entire complex process can effortlessly help you burn around 78 calories in an hour. Manually washing your clothes will be more effective. So if you can do that, go ahead. Also Read - Weight Loss: All You Need to Know About Cheat Meals


Mopping is one of the most effective ways to indulge your both upper and lower body in an activity. According to experts in the field, mopping alone can help you burn around 156 calories in an hour. If you are lacking motivation, use your earplugs, play your favourite music and scrub the floor. Vacuuming can help you lose fat in the arms. Cleaning your house can help you lose 4 calories per minute. Be in a full lunge position every time you take the vacuum and while you are pulling it, bring both your legs back together. Also Read - Weight Loss: 4 Scientific Ways to Get a Slim Body

Making beds

Did you know that something as simple as making your bed can help you shed those extra kilos? Well, this is true. It will help you burn 2 calories every minute. All you need to do is to perform side lunge when you are tucking the sheets. This will engage your lower body muscles including thigh muscles. Now, when you are straightening the blankets and fluffing the pillows, be in a balanced Warrior pose. This will help you strengthen your legs, back and abdomen.