If you think fad diet and workout can only help you lose weight, you are mistaken. Though these factors contribute majorly in having a slim body there is another way that can assist you equally. It is your lifestyle habits. The real key to lose weight safely and effectively is by adopting healthy lifestyle. Every weight loss tip cannot work for you and to know what challenges you body, you need an expert’s advice. However, with lifestyle changes, you can never go wrong. So, here are some modifications that cannot only help you shed those extra kilos but also maintain an ideal weight.Also Read - Weight Loss: Ditch These Morning Habits if You Wish to Avoid Gaining Weight

Fill Your Plate With Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber is a strong appetite suppressant. This means having it can prevent overeating and can also reduce your calorie intake. You can consume fiber rich foods including bananas, beans, legumes, apples etc. to reduce belly fat. Fiber actually suppresses the secretion of hunger hormones called ghrelin and increases production of hormones that make you feel full. Also Read - Watch: This 20-Minute Strength And Conditioning Session Will Help You in Weight Loss

Avoid Intake of Added Sugar

If you have continued consumption of sugary drinks like soda, chocolate milk, carbonated soft drink etc., you cannot achieve your weight loss goal. These beverages contain added sugar and are low in nutrients. This means, having them can only lead to the accumulation of empty calories in the body that can cause weight gain. Also Read - Weight Loss: Practice These Dance Styles Amidst Lockdown to Burn Calories And Avoid Fat Accumulation

Stay Hydrated

Most of the people do not have a habit of drinking enough water. This can dehydrate your body and as a result your metabolism will become slow. This can further lead to ineffective and slow calorie burning which is a sign of weight gain. Drinking enough water improves body’s metabolism and keeps you satiated for long.